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Lee told Judyth that he first met Sparky when he was just 15, and that he spurnedRuby’s attempts to recruit him into Mob business. Even so, he ran errands for hisuncle, Dutz Murrett [sic], who ran a bookmaking operation for Marcello. Judythaccompanied Lee on one such errand.

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On NBC evening news, September 20, 1994, Tom Brokaw pointedout that there are at least 175,000 gay couples in America. Thepersons interviewed on that program viewed their lifestyle asbeing on the same level as marriage. This is certainly a challengeto Roman Catholic teaching on homosexual activity. As was notedin the previous chapter, on gay rights legislation,' the socialapproval of same-sex unions as equivalent to heterosexual marriagesis one of the goals of the homosexual movement. While there isno way that the Catholic Church can give any approval to two personsof the same sex expressing their love for one another throughsexual genital acts, it is still necessary to consider the variousmoral aspects involved in such unions. This, in turn, calls fora review of pertinent historical, sociological, and psychologicalstudies concerning these unions. Such research does not treatthe theological and moral aspects of same-sex unions; that I willdo when I consider John Boswell's Same-Sex Unions in PremodernEurope, a book that will be used by many homosexual persons tojustify their same-sex unions. Finally, I shall study HomosexualPartnerships. Why Same-Sex Relationships Are Not a Christian Option,by John Stott.

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Suppose that a young man, seeking help for a psychologicalcondition that was associated with serious health risk and madehim desperately unhappy were to be told by the professional heconsulted that no treatment is available, that his condition ispermanent and genetically based, and that he must learn to livewith it. Perhaps this young man, unwilling to give up hope, soughtout other specialists only to receive the same message: "Nothingcan be done for you. Accept your condition."

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Transitory or situational homosexuality occurs particularlybetween friends who are very sensitive but who have learned torepress or to rigidly restrict their feelings. For example, Doncomes from a good but puritanical family and has learned to restrictaffective expression. One day he finds himself involved with Mike,a friend who comfortably expresses affectivity. The men care foreach other and become so emotionally and intimately involved thatthey fall into genital behavior as a mode of expressing theirlove. Instead of identifying themselves as homosexuals, Don andMike should stop and learn from their relationship. Outsidersshould refrain from calling them impure, evil, or queer, and evaluatetheir relationship in light of solid psychological and spiritualprinciples-and with compassion. The two men should get help froma competent professional who understands and appreciates the senseand nonsense of homosocial love, affection, and intimacy.

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The good news given us by means of the life and teachings ofJesus---and affirmed also by the Apostles---is that God receivessinners regardless of their family background, previous trackrecord or actual current moral condition. Jesus also sees to itthat all who come to Him for help are changed and made new soas to be fully qualified to enter into eternal life:

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Growing up to be a man is not as easy for boys and womanhoodis for girls. All of us spend nine months in the womb of our mothersand we arrive into the world bonded strongly to our mothers. Agirl need not experience a major sexual identity crisis in transitioningfrom girlhood to womanhood---but for a boy it is different. Ata very early age (3-5 years of age probably), a normal boy looksaround him and sees that there exist differences between mom anddad, between boys and girls. Most of the time the male child identifiesstrongly enough with his father, an uncle, older brother or othermale. Thus a new same-sex bond takes place, and mother graduallybegins to take second place.

Sexual feelings are closely connected towards love and attraction, but these are not necessary for feelings to be sexual.

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Understanding and acceptance liberate us for ' coping competentlyand compassionately. Instead of rejecting a friend or making (himor her) feel guilty or bad, one can say "no" as an affirmationof one's love. More concretely, one can give reasons for refusinghomosexuality and for accepting friendship. In this way a friendwill feel accepted without having his or her proposal for genitalacting out condoned or reinforced. Both parties will gain a deeperappreciation of the friendship.