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Holmes, W. G. The Age of Justinian and Theodora, 2 vols. London, 1912.

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For that, new legislation would be necessary, for the laws forbade a patrician to marry anactress. , who seems to have been fond of Theodora was willing to oblige, but encountered an unexpected obstacle in the empress Euphemia. hadbought his wife as a slave many years before he became emperor, and her slave-name rouses suspicion for it was commonly found among prostitutes. Yetonce she became empress, she took the more respectable name of, andguarded the respectability of her office jealously. She liked , and ordinarilyrefused him nothing, but she would not hear of him marrying an actress. But onceshe was dead (ca. 523), promulgated the necessary legislation and it appearsin the Justinianic Code (Cod. Just. V.4.23). It freed truly penitent actresses from allblemishes and returned them to their pristine condition. Soon after, the patriarchEpiphanius joined and Theodora in wedlock in the cathedral church of theHoly Wisdom.

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Procopius' viewpoint differs in these three works, understandably in the DeAedificiis, which was an encomium and intended to please the emperor, but they donot actually contradict each other. The lurid details of Theodora's early life findcorroboration of sorts in an unexpected source: the Syriac historian John of Amida,better known as John of Ephesus ( 17, i, 188-89) for he became the Monophysite bishop of that city,refers to Theodora almost casually as "Theodora from the brothel" (ek touporneiou). John is a friendly witness for he looked on Theodora as the protector ofthe Monophysites and the fact that the words appear in Greek in his Syriac text mayindicate that he is simply reproducing without malice a sobriquet from theConstantinople streets. And law code (Codex Justinianus V.4.23)provides another morsel of evidence. This is the law which Procopius claims waspromulgated by at instance, in order to legalize the marriageprivileges of a penitent ex-actress. It declares that a former actress who wasadmitted to the patriciate would henceforth have all former blemishes wiped out andwas free to marry anyone. Thus we are probably right to consider Procopius atrustworthy witness for Theodora's early career, albeit a malicious one when he waswriting not for publication.

For all the long series of masterful empresses none is as astonishing and stunning as the consort of Justinian.
It gives information about the relationship between Justinian and Theodora and its effects on the Empire.

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If we except the chroniclers, there are hardly any sources for Theodora that arewritten without parti pris. The most important, Procopius of Caesarea, who is ouronly source for the lurid details of Theodora's early life, presented a differentTheodora in each of his three works, the History of the Wars of Justinian in sevenbooks to which an eighth was added later, the Anekdota or Secret History, to give itits popular name, an essay purportedly written immediately after the first sevenbooks of the Wars were published and containing data which were too defamatoryto circulate openly, and the De Aedificiis or Buildings which is a panegyric on building program throughout the empire. All these works were written orat least completed after Theodora's death in 548. In the Wars, Procopius credits theregime's success at suppressing the 'Nika' revolt of 532 to Theodora's courage andimagines a splendid scene which may have some basis in fact, where she declaresthat she, at least, will not flee the capital city. The Anekdota is full of scurrilousdetails about Theodora's early life as an actress and courtesan, and her intrigues atcourt. In the De Aedificiis, however, the picture is uniformly flattering. The emperorand empress shared a common piety (1.8.5), he claims, and her loveliness was suchthat it was impossible to convey it in words or portray it by a statue (1.11.9). (Evenin the Anekdota 10.11, he concedes that she was attractive, though short and rathersallow in complexion.)

JUSTINIAN'S STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSESWEAKNESSESAs A Person, Justinian Didn't Seem To Make Smart Decisions.

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She was the daughter of the bear keeper, a public performer,wife of Justinian, Empress of the Byzantine Empire and a natural beauty whose name became the one name in the voluminous annals of the Byzantine empire known to almost everyone; Theodora.

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