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3. Speaking, reading and writing skills in parallel for making great progress.
There is no need to be frightened of Japanese letters and characters. It's actually fun! The learning of the three types of characters is structured into the classes so you are able to master them gradually and fully. When you are ready, you will write an essay or journal to be shared and discussed with your classmates and which your teacher can also help with.

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Advanced language course that further develops proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Reading and discussion materials include works by Nobel Prize winners. Japanese anime and television dramas are used to enhance listening and to develop skills in culturally appropriate speech. Writing of essays, letters, and criticism solidifies grammar and style. Individual tutorial sessions improve conversational skills. After or equivalent.

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Short Essay on Japanese Popular Culture
pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font
This paper asks to you do two things. The first is to provide an explanation of how
Japanese popular culture globalized after World War I using the book on Recentering
Globalization to provide the background on how and why Japanese popular culture
became popular globally. Then, you are going to apply your knowledge by choosing one
Japanese popular culture iteman
anime program, a character ( not Hello Kittywe
have a whole article on this), a TV show or movie to illustrate the points you made. Your
thesis will be your argument about how the item fits or differs from the description of
how Japanese culture globalized. Make your case and support your thesis.
Style 25%University
level writing style. Visit the Toro Learning Center for help
with your paper. It’s free and it’s very helpful with language skills and essay
Strength of Thesis 25%create
a thesis statement about why your character, film, artist,
etc. demonstrates or does not demonstrate the reasons provided in the book about why
Japanese popular culture is a global success.
the explanation about why/how Japanese popular culture
globalized, support your thesis in your chosen form of popular culture. Your conclusion
should summarize your main points and show how you supported your thesis, and
provide a critique about Japanese popular culture.

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