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I know I am not responding to all the big categories you opened up, but this essays has inspired a LOT of intense conversation on the internet and inter-women and in my inter-brain, thank you greatly for daring.

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"...What's both amazing -- and perhaps a bit frightening -- about that dispute over who hacked Sony is that it happened in the first place...."
I don't give a rats ass about Sony Pictures Entertainment. Karma's a bitch. Now I see their lawyers (like David Boies) are going after the media for reporting on the hack! Can you imagine the gall? The music/film business is rotten to the core, and has been since its mafia connections way back when.
That said, you (and others) have made it very clear that Sony could have followed stricter security policies, and prevented, or at least mitigated, some of the damage. I also agree with @Clive and others about the FBIs highly dubious and unprovable claims about the DPRK (a convenient multi-purpose bogeyman that everyone hates).
If SPE can be shown to have been negligent in their computer security policies, then they can still be held accountable. It's high time this concept be codified in law. They will comply if profits are at stake. Just because Microsoft innovated the sale of buggy software and liability-cancelling EULAs, doesn't mean that the concept should apply to corporations in general. This is the purpose of the 'blame game'; to escape liability.
The Sony Hack was a boon for the movie, just like the Charlie Dildo thing was for the magazine, and both took advantage.
Accountability doesn't matter. How does that help? Yeah, we can punish the evildoers if we catch 'em. Would bombing NK help? Doesn't really do anything for the 'victims', does it? Deterrence? It's gonna stop folks in other countries? What does deterrence mean to suicide bombers?
Security begins at home. We can do a helluva lot better. We _have_ to do better. Our entire critical infrastructure depends, unfortunately, on the internet. Other countries are in identical situations. What are they doing?
Before we start planning cyber wars (and you can bet we are), we need cyber defenses first. I don't see that happening. The 'weapon makers' are ahead of the 'weapon defenses'.

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