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During medical school, I have found two additional motivations to apply for internal medicine: first, the similarities between the general clinician’s and the detective’s reasoning, which makes internal medicine-based careers even more seductive, and, second, the opportunity to refine my intellectual skills by exploring the immense complexity of human’s body systems and pathologies.

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internal medicine personal statement essay

I look for a program in internal medicine where I can make use of these personal characteristics to approach the patients as a whole and provide them with the best of comprehensive care.

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The reasons I decided to pursue residency in the United States include: 1) to develop outstanding general clinical skills, which are essential to conduct clinical trials; 2) to improve my interpersonal communication skills with different patients with different pathologies; 3) to get an experience that will certainly contribute to my intellectual and personal development; 4) to share teaching experiences with medical students, which I consider strictly bound to conducting research in academic center, and 5) to become a full licensed, board certified medical oncologist able to participate in clinical trials.

Many colleagues consider me an easy-going, team-devoted, hardworking, resilient, straightforward, and goal-oriented person.

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While medicine continues to become increasingly complicated, I feel that the physician's most important role, that of a fierce and loyal patient advocate, remains unchanged. This is a broad responsibility which, for me, has included demanding financial help for a migrant worker, obtaining counseling and referrals for a battered woman, and simply cutting the toenails of an elderly patient. I have learned that for patients in situations such as these, having a concerned advocate is as valuable as having a scientist and clinician. The best physicians among us have achieved a balance of all these roles, and not only assess and diagnose patients, but also understand how best to provide the physical, emotional, and social interventions to achieve optimum overall health.

There is med school personal statement essay whether you’re applying to a residency in internal medicine.

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20/11/2017 · Many physicians are using internal medicine question banks to prepare for their board exams and the vast majority find these banks to be highly effective.

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Though I intend to first and foremost become a clinical physician, I also plan to participate in investigation and education throughout my career. Ask me about my ideas for research projects; I am enthusiastic about them and demand a program which can facilitate and guide my curiosity. I also enjoy teaching, and have continued to teach chemistry and natural science even during my years in medical school. The balance for which I search in my career will unite direct and honest patient care with practical discovery and education. A residency in internal medicine will provide the ideal foundation for this pursuit.

Practice questions for the Internal Medicine Board Review. Try out these sample questions from the hundreds that are available on BoardVitals.

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After questioning myself, I realized that an US academic-based training in internal medicine will take me to the path I idealize to help people: obtaining an excellent medical background to further participate in cancer clinical trials.