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It is common to find that individuals in the lower quintile of the population are greatly affected by income inequality, not only because they receive a small amount of total income, but they don’t have the necessary resources to develop themselves, both academically and personally....

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What role, if any, should the government play in addressing income inequality?

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4.3 HIGHER INCOME CONSISTENT INEQUALITY Singapore has recorded higher GDP over the years and it is evidenced from the increasing income of Singaporean across group.

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History Income inequality in the United States has increased and decreased throughout history, but in the recent years, the widening gap has become a serious issue.

Income inequality is a necessary component of a productive capitalist economy.
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Inflation can have negative effects on many of the key economic outcomes such as economic growth, exports, international competitiveness and income inequality.

Thesis It might have taken a near-historic recession and a nation-wide protest, but Americans are finally noticing the rapidly growing income gap between

as the Roman empire of the modern world

In our society, "where advancement is based on merit and seemingly open to everyone, regardless of class, race, creed or sex, unequal outcomes [should] not be a cause for concern" ("Does Inequality" 2). However, when opportunities are not equal, the government's role is to do what it can to make them so, by improving social programs and especially public education. As more jobs over the past decade have required higher-skilled workers, wages for workers with higher levels of education have increased faster than those positions for people with minimal education. The main focus of the government, therefore, should be to first and foremost improve public education and make it equally available for all. This needs to be supported extremely vigorously in the poorest areas. One specific example is the Head Start program. Numerous studies have woven the economic and social benefits of these early-childhood programs for disadvantaged children. For example, "Head Start children are significantly more likely to complete high school and attend college than their siblings who did not attend Head Start," as well as "significantly less likely" to commit crimes later in life ("Research Bites" 1). Additionally, the government should also focus on providing remedial training and schooling for adults, as well as programs to help the poor get into any type of work through which they can support themselves.

Wealth and income inequality, specifically the perceived widening of the gap between rich and poor, has been in the public discourse for quite some time

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