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For this essay, have students work to develop an original thesis statement expressing a key idea about how these two texts are both similar and different, arising from the work they did earlier. They then develop an essay articulating these similarities and differences and providing textual support to illustrate them, using either a divided (block) or alternating .

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 Explain how to compare and contrast two or more informational texts.

Explain how to compare and contrast two or more literary texts

Overview | How do separation and divorce affect teenagers and change parent-child relationships? In this lesson, students compare two short texts, both about teens leaving their mothers to live with their fathers. They compare these two texts by placing them “in conversation” with one another and completing a Venn diagram. Finally, students write an essay about the similarities and differences they see in these pieces.

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Finally, explain that by putting the texts into conversation with each other and completing the Venn diagram they are now ready to write an essay that compares the two texts.

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An Essay to compare two media texts.

Compare and Contrast – Students write an essay exploring the similarities (compare) and differences (contrast) between the two texts.

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