Let’s use a computational essay to explain computational essays.

The fact that Judyth’s story bears a distinct resemblance to the is only the beginning of the problem. Many of these events occurred at a time when claims that Judyth was “in hiding” – living in fear that she would become yetanother of those untimely deaths. Indeed, she claimed in an e-mail that:

Generate a list of common words in English:

 Make a histogram of word lengths:

Find the translations for “computer” in the 10 most common languages:

I paid this high price myself (Robert would not have had a pricy O.B./GYN!) by paintinghim a hunting dog scene. His name: Dr. Robert Zschappel, and you can look it up. NowWHY do you think I would have ferreted out somebody close to the LBJ family, such asZschappel, there in Austin, Texas?

Find the first translation in each case:

Among the “interesting” things she claims to have done after the assassination was to “getinside” the Lyndon Johnson family to gain revealing information.

He removes her from time in declining to give precise indication of race, country, or epoch ...

Or—in a completely different direction—you could talk about anatomy:

On the eastern coast of England I met up with Robert Macfarlane again, to talk about a project that’s been about two years in the thinking-about so far. It’s called Ness and it will be a book, with him doing the words and me doing the pictures. It will be a slender volume, along the lines of Holloway but utterly different. It will be deeply strange, I think. Here is a picture of Orford Ness, where the book had its genesis.

– a draft of the final chapter of herbook, titled

Lee told Judyth that he was trusted by Mob figures, up to and including Marcello,for his ability to keep his mouth shut. Marcello told Ruby to look after the boywhen the family moved to Texas.

– and aresponse to critics written in November2003.

If you wanted to visit the place you have to go to East Anglia and then through a big forest to a little village where you then have to get on a little ferry to the Ness. Most of Orford Ness is now administered by the National Trust, whose website can be found . That’s where I nicked this photo from too. Due to Dr Macfarlane’s extensive contacts and winning manner we were able to get into various structures and places forbidden to the hoi polloi. Which was nice. And also hopefully useful for our Ness book.

Arrange common languages in “feature space” based on their translations for “computer”:

You can start off breaking it into possible codons:

Ragano was a lawyer who defended mobsters, and claimed to have from Jimmy Hoffa. Roselli was a mobster involved in CIA plots against the life of Castro. Judyth described the involvement of both men to researcher Rich DellaRosa. But DellaRosacame away skeptical. Quoting DellaRosa:

Two other sources for Wilde's treatment of the Salome legend deserve to be mentioned.

Let’s find the remainder mod 6 for all these primes:

At the time this was written, easily-accessible web pages about Judyth included one , and another promoting her She also had a webpage at the University of Southwest Louisiana, so it’s difficult to believe the CIA needed to waitfor her to access their web page in order to find her.

Or maybe one could write a computational essay about actually creating art, or music.

Key sources on the “Judyth” storyinclude:

Needless to say, the established historical record, and even the “historical record” as recounted inconspiracy books, provides no corroboration for this. It’s exceedingly unlikely that Lee, living inNew Orleans at age 15, would have met Ruby, who lived in Dallas. And Lee’s Uncle Dutz tooka decidedly negative view of his nephew in New Orleans in 1963, being put off by Oswald pro-Castro sympathies and his failure to get a job and support his family.