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But the birthmark is described as a "symbol of imperfection", "the spectral hand that wrote mortality", "the sole token of human imperfection" and "fatal flaw of humanity".

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Harris, Mark. Harris examines a widely held interpretation of Ethan Brand's search for the Unpardonable Sin. 31, 1 (Winter 1994) [questia sub ser, substantial preview].

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I will try to show patterns of Puritan Religion, life and ideology in Nathaniel Hawthorne's short stories "Young Goodman Brown" and The Birthmark", that are included in the course-reader.

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1555), who estimated the pace of the English reformation as too slow.

But different from his ancestors, he had a feeling to some extents of Puritanism as being intolerant and cruel. He found a good example for this cruelty with his own ancestors, William and John Hathorne, who emigrated to America between 1630 and 1633.

They opened warfare against Charles I.

And they did not taboo sexuality, as long it was sexuality between husband and wife and not extramarital sexuality.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born into a family that was of Puritan belief since generations.

With Cromwell's death and the return of Charles II.

The fact that things like the witchtrials, where innocent people had to die, could happen in his Puritan hometown of Salem led him to the opinion that the fusion of religious dogma and political authority was the worst evil.

to England in 1660 they finally lost their power and influence.

To reach this aim, the Puritans founded schools all over the country which led to a good and equal level of education through the whole Puritan and Non-Puritan society.

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Includes links to historical documents of the witchcraft trials.  web site.

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Puritans and Quakers, which had begun to migrate, too, settled in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North- and South-Carolina, Virginia and in Georgia.

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He simply wanted to have a small regular income, that would allow him to forget everything, that was not important to him.Back to his attitude towards the Puritanism of his ancestors.