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The IRQs and I/O addresses are set in hardware on the card but, while these are usually adjustable, people have often found that when adding new hardware these numbers can clash with existing cards.

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The hardware is the platform that is required to execute and store the software. It also enables the software to run. The software, on the other hand, collects instructions from the user and the software interacts with the hardware to fulfill a given instruction. Software does not perform general tasks, but each software performs a given task based on the attached hardware: physical components. Some of the types of hardware include control, process, storage, and output and input while software include application software, programming software, and system software. For example, the document processor is an example of a software while a printer makes the information on a hard copy e.g. on paper.

This is where USB aims to simplify things by extending the trend of
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The important thing in choosing a machine on which to learn iswhether its hardware is Linux-compatible (or BSD-compatible, shouldyou choose to go that route). Again, this will be true for almost allmodern machines. The only really sticky areas are modems and wirelesscards; some machines have Windows-specific hardware that won't workwith Linux.

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Firmware is loaded from the Read only memory (ROM) run from the BasicInput-Output System (BIOS). It is a computer program that is embedded in ahardware device, for example a microcontroller. As it name suggests, firmwareis somewhere between hardware and software. Like software, it is a computerprogram which is executed by a microprocessor or a microcontroller. But it isalso tightly linked to a piece of hardware, and has little meaning outside ofit. Most devices attached to modern systems are special-purpose computers intheir own right, running their own software. Some of these devices store thatsoftware (“firmware”) in a ROM within the device itself

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When you think of the term computer hardware you probably think of the gutsinside your personal computer at home or the one in your classroom. However,computer hardware does not specifically refer to personal computers. Instead,it is all types of computer systems. Computer hardware is in embedded systemsin automobiles, microwave ovens, CD players, DVD players, and many moredevices. In 2003, only 0.2% of all microprocessors sold were for personalcomputers. How many other things in your house or your classroom use computerhardware?