This shows that I have sensitivity for the diversity with students.

A was used in my third grade classroom to help the students as well as the teach monitor the students behavior on a weekly basis. Each student would get one at the beginning of the week. If a student misbehaved a "snip it" was signed my the teacher. I plan to use a discipline like this in my own classroom some day.

The my ability to present professional oral communication skills.

My demonstrates my ability to develop appropriate tools to assess student's learning.

TII Agrees Not To Distribute Profits

What happened?
What did I notice or realise?
What was most important for me?
What have I learnt?
What would I do differently or the same next time?

The International Investor Reports KD 2.5 Million

What does this mean?
Why is this significant?
Is this convincing, why/why not?
What are the implications?
Is it successful? Why/why not?
How does it meet criteria?
What can I deduce from the information I have gathered?

My  illustrates and highlights my life- long learning and professional goals a teacher.

For me, the most significant aspect was ...

The , is a part of a government unit. This lesson plan insures that students will meet the academic standards, not by do a worksheet, but by moving about the room as the teacher uses a checklist for the assessment.

I felt/noticed/discovered/realised that ...

During my Literature Block course I created a through literature and make a Power- Point presentation. The students were asked throughout the lesson to use their critical thinking and problem solving strategies when researching and make their Power- Point.

The questions this raises for me are ...

In this particular lesson, the students had write a. The lesson was connect to a book and as the teacher reads the book to the students, the teacher will use effective questioning outlined in the lesson.

This was completed because ...

My online , over the Earth and Sky, is another way I have learned how to appropriately assess students. The students will be guided to participate in several different activities using the internet and will have guiding question they will have to answer. In the end of their exploration of the Earth and Sky, the students will turn in several different papers that assess different areas of learning.

The International Investor Company (TII) held the deferred Tenth Annual General...

These phrases and words may be helpful. Also, refer to the guide.

This for a kindergarten class represents my ability to accurately insure that students can meet the academic standards when learning their shapes.

The Annual General Meeting of The International Investor (TII) was held on Sund...

In order to identify ... it would be necessary to ...

“The challenge to navigate into and through the invisible barrier and create greater visibility became a central feature of the project” (Henderson, 2012, p. 22).

The Chairman and Managing Director of The International Investor (TII), Mr Adna...

Application of this model to ... indicates

This over the different hemispheres asks student's to use their critical thinking and problem solving strategies when making their individual graphic organizer.