Both spent much too little budget and thought on their air forces.

So Blitzkrieg demanded not just tanks but also that they will be highly reliable, have long range, and be properly accompanied by a following mobile fleet of support vehicles of all types.

He said "That's what I need, That's what I want to have".

Other armies, like in France and Poland, remained conservatively stuck in the previous war.

The elements of Blitzkrieg directly obey all the principles of war.

Shields - These also changed as other components of armor and weapons changed. In the early centuries of the medieval period they were large and round. As the centuries progressed the got smaller and triangular in shape. I have more information about medieval shields and how they developed and changed here:

That's what made it so successful.

The Russian army had great numbers of tanks and aircraft when the Germans attacked, but most of the tanks were obsolete, and the political mass murder of most senior officers by Stalin's brutal Communist regime before the war and the extreme rigidness it enforced on the surviving officers had paralyzing results.

The German tank units were highly trained.

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History of Medieval Armor Timeline

...that one should never permit a disorder to persist in order to avoid , for war is not avoided thereby but merely deferred to one's own disadvantage...

Want to Make a Piece of Medieval Armor?

Moravcsik, 1967, 2008, p.94, translation modified], color added
, his last words, the Fifth Military Gate of Constantinople, May 29, 1453 [Greek Text, Laonikos Chalkokondyles, , Volume II, translated by Anthony Kaldellis, Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library, Harvard University Press, 2014, p.192, translation modified], color added

Many of them were considered elite units and provided the best soldiers and commanders.

The dominance of Chainmail through most of the medieval period

The Archaic Period in Greece refers to the years between 750 and 480 B.C., more particularly from 620 to 480 B.C. The age is defined through the development of art at this time, specifically through the style of pottery and sculpture, showing the specific characteristics that would later be developed into the more naturalistic style of the Classical period. The Archaic is one of five periods that Ancient Greek history can be divided into; it was preceded by the Dark Ages and followed by the Classical period. The Archaic period saw advancements in political theory, especially the beginnings of democracy, as well as in culture and art. The knowledge and use of written language which was lost in the Dark Ages was re-established.

Artillery was also too slow to follow the rapidly advancing tank groups.

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Although he was just a Corporal in World War 1, Hitler had good and creative military perception, both tactical and technical, and so when he observed a combined exercise of tanks and motorized infantry led by Guderian shortly after he came to power, he immediately understood that he found his military tool.

• Changing philosophies and cultures - these things also had a big impact on how armor changed.

Metal Working skills throughout the medieval period

Everywhere intellect appears as an essential cooperative force; and thus we can understand how the , although so plain and simple in its effects, can never be conducted with distinguished success by people .Carl von Clausewitz, [translated by J.J.