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While comparing and contrasting a Starbucks coffee cup and Ancient Greek drinking vessels I will take careful notation into the differences and similarities of their form, function and decoration of the artifacts.

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The purpose of this term paper is to prove and show that the Renaissancewas about seeing the human figure in a new light. I will do thisby comparing works of art from the Renaissance Era to those of Medievaland Greek times. I will first introduce my topic by explaining thewhat the Renaissance was, stating that it was the movement that consistedof a change in thinking and a revival of the Greek and Roman cultures inthe areas of art, architecture, literature, behavior, and learning. I will emphasize that the Renaissance was about a new way of thinking. I will then introduce the idea of humanism and state that it was the mostimportant intellectual movement during the Renaissance. I will thendescribe the ways of thinking during the Middle Ages. I will saythat Medieval society concentrated its thinking on God, death, and theafterlife, and accordingly created art works based on those beliefs. I will illustrate examples of how most medieval paintings appeared rigid,inflexible, and unrealistic, like Cimabue’s The Madonna Enthroned withAngels (Fig 1.1), completed between 1285 and 1290. Cimabue was consideredto be among the last of the Medieval painters, and among those whose paintingsrepresented the shift from Medieval to fourteenth-century Renaissance painting(“Cimabue, Giovanni”). I will compare Cimabue’s painting with anartwork from the Renaissance like Masaccio’s The Expulsion from Paradise(Fig.

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1.2). I will describe Masaccio’s painting as more realisticand natural—the human forms showing more emotion and feeling than thoseportrayed in Cimabue’s painting. After comparing Medieval works withthose of the Renaissance, I will continue by illustrating how works fromthe Renaissance were a recreation of those from Greek times. I willshow that Renaissance artists took ideas from the Greeks but improved ontheir works, with the ideas of humanism involved. The Greeks portrayedtheir mythological characters in their art works. I will use Polykleitos’The Spearbearer (Fig.

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The first essay is one of Heidegger's most popular, showing up in many humanities courses about technology. That's generally a good thing because the essay starts with Aristotle's theory of forms, which will likely be most students first introduction to his . Heidegger then explores the different meanings of the Greek techne and its evolution to the modern term technology, and how the changes reflect how man thinking has changed since Aristotle's Athens.

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The purpose of this term paper is to provethat the Renaissance era was about seeing and portraying the human formin a new light based on humanistic views that were focused on humans, andon thinking in a manner that aided in improving the lives of humans, insteadof pondering death and the afterlife, which were pointless because deathwas inevitable. Humanists felt that it was better just to concentrateon enhancing the present world. It was this new way of thinking thatwas represented in the art, architecture, literature, behavior, and learningduring the Renaissance. Humanism was a direct influence on illustratingthe human form in a more realistic, natural, three-dimensional way, asopposed to the stiff, unnatural, unrealistic way that was typical of mostGreek and Medieval art productions. By comparing different Medieval,Greek, and Renaissance art works, and analyzing the human form in eachof these works, one may get a better understanding of the intended meaningof the human form in each art work. When examining each Renaissanceart work, one can clearly see that the ideas and principles of humanismhad a direct influence on the artists and, consequently, a humanistic representationin the art works.

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The Arabic versions were several times revised andcorrected by comparison with the Greek text, so the earliest may havebeen made before Harun ar-Rashid, or in the early part of his reign.