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• Tell us how culture- either your own or your experience with others- has affected your outlook on the world. How have you contributed to a multicultural community and/or how will you promote multiculturalism at Western or in your career? (Required for applicants who wish to be considered for the Multicultural Achievement Program/MAP Scholarship).

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Applicants should demonstrate leadership (in any of its many forms) through school activities, family life, church or faith group activities, sports, arts, community service, or other community activities. Regular admissions materials will be used to evaluate an applicant’s breadth of activities and interests including academic, service and leadership experiences.

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Applicants must be individuals of excellent character, demonstrating traits such as integrity, resiliency, initiative, gratitude, respectfulness, compassion, inclusivity (etc.). Applicants should demonstrate care for the well-being of others through day-to-day interactions and service activities in their community and school.

There will be no charge for a 4th student in the family if attending at the same time.

John F. Kennedy Catholic High School: 481116

College life can be frustrating if not handled with absolute care. It is a life that is not at all easy and light, nor comprehensible and predictable as others are wont to think. It is tough to deal with the tremendous pressures of academics, social life, countless difficult decisions, like choosing a major, a career, sets of friends and viable campus organizations. On top of everything, there are personal problems that may pile up to add on to the pressures that beset one's college life. However, I would like to think that my past education gave me a well-rounded learning that cultivates genuine intellectual discipline, which is a pre-requisite to acquiring higher knowledge.

University of Washington (UW 131, UW World Languages, UW Math): 4854

I am a person who focuses on achievement, not only as "flat numbers on a page" but as an indicator that I am getting better, making progress toward being the best I can be. I think I do not have the luxury of pessimism or mediocrity especially now that I am entering college life. I know that I would have to be more independent now than during my high school years. It helps that I learned the value of discipline from my parents who instilled in me the idea that there is a time for everything and that I need to focus on my studies now, more than ever. I have been consistently impressed with the willingness, bordering at times on urgency, with which they communicated a single theme: "I have done well, and I am capable of achieving much more. I am not finished yet. There is much more to me than this." In fact, this has been quite like a mantra to me now--a sort of affirmation to do well and that good results are not due to good luck. I am aware that life in College, indeed, may be frustrating, but there is a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and development when explored wisely and managed effectively. As I am about to step into college life, I embrace this significant phase in my life. I know new challenges exist to strengthen my mental faculties and emotional fibers.

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: Applicants should demonstrate financial need.

John excelled in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. He was a multi-sport athlete and enjoyed football, basketball, and while also participating in a broad range of other activities including theater. Through these activities he forged a life-long belief that sports and other extra-curricular activities are central to a well-rounded education and, in particular, provide the framework for learning teamwork, self-sacrifice, self-improvement and deep bonds of friendship. John was fortunate to have deeply inspirational mentors in the classroom and on the ball fields during this period of his life including legendary Gonzaga Coach Bill Frazier. These role models helped John understand how he might one day make a difference in the lives of young people.

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Topic: What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that would allow you to contribute to the university community?