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Bob played a predominant role in showing people how to make colloidal silver yourself at home using simple DC electrolysis. He gave hundreds of talks on radio, TV and at health expos, etc. The only reason you see such an explosion of people in USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. making and talking about CS production is because of Bob Beck. I wrote an article called Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic around 1995 that was copied and plagiarized by many web sites and health newsletters in America, Australia, New Zealand, and England. I was essentially re-stating the info I had gleaned from Bob Beck and other writers.

The fact is pathogenic organisms have a net negative charge.

So tell me more about what you're doing.

But what does it mean for those who make wine?

Addressed to Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I am 73 yeards old, experiment in fringe areas of science such as quantum entanglement, radio astronomy, electronic bio-feeback and in addition trying hard to find anything scientific and logical about ionic silver, colloidal silver and nano-colloidal silver. In addition I practice and often teach Qi Gong. In particular I have found a link in some aspects between the energy of colloidal silver at nano-level and Qi Gong. I have recently conceived an idea to design and proto-type a combined optical and electronic device that will be able to see by inference nano-particles.

Let me say that I am a totally independent researcher and have no interest in marketing silver products and will not even consume the material as my immune system is well enough for not needing it. I am retired and live on a small pension and finance my research out of my own pocket. I have been approached by commercial concerns but so far have declined to go into business with them.

I have sent you some picture of silver solutions that I have produced in the last few days but have no way of telling the ratio of ionic to colloidal silver. I have added absolutely nothing to taint the product . The yellow came as I was making it. The longer, the darker the yellow.

A check on the internet indicates that there are as many if not more colloidal silver distributors as there are silver smiths. Since most of those manufacturing and/or distributing predominantly ionic silver as colloidal silver, a very confucing situation exists. In particularly the absence of appropriate testing with equipment which can:

Determine accurate ratios between ionic silver versus colloidal silver.

Determine the ppm of the colloidal silver.

Determine particle size and ensure it is in the nano-meter size in order to obtain the largest possible surface area.

Determine the zeta potential as the most important aspect of colloidal silver.

I would like to exchange information with you in an effort to stifle bad silver products and encourage good and safe products.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Yours sincerely,


At the moment, this is far from accomplished.

…Most astrobiologists seem comfortable with the premise that life might be widespread. But their optimism doesn’t always extend to complex, intelligent life.

These actions are the first steps in a longer, as yet undefined process.
They will not prevent a 2° rise in Earth’s temperature by the end of the century.

It is already a major winemaking region.

Garden Of Love is one of William Blake's poems from his "Songs of Experience and Innocence ? era. I think the content of the poem has both innocence and experience portrayed throughout it. This piece consists of three stanzas and all have their own focal point and meaning, yet are tied in to give a whole picture. With the use of the word "I ?, I think that Blake may have been describing his personal feelings and perhaps even an experience he endured and wanted to tell. The imagery in this poem is strong, and yet can be perceived several ways. I think if someone has felt the pain that love can cause, that maybe their perception of the poem may be different from someone who has never felt the pain that is associated with love. The word Garden is used throughout the poem as well as the title, to me this relays an image of innocence and purity. The same is felt with his memory of his childhood "where I used to play on the green ? pg.56. I thought that this line was another way of saying that "love is blind ? I think maybe he was saying that he didn't notice things, like feelings and thoughts, the same as when he was an innocent child, but through experience and love he now sees life differently. The image of the chapel is a bold one, I say this because of the way that it portrays love and marriage. The church obviously held very strong values about marriage and he is portraying these through his poems. There is some rhyme scheme in each stanza (seen, green, door, bore, and briars, desires) pg. 56. I feel that some words have a deeper, more deceiving meaning, like the word midst. Midst, to me means hard to see, or in other terms, deceiving. Perhaps he was deceived by love, or experienced deceit in someway. The words "thou shall not ? are a direct quote from the ten commandments, which were eternal sins. So is love a sin? Or is it what love can do to some

The plan calls for a reconvening of the members every five years to set new, more effective goals.

The high latitude provides for very long days.

The Osoyoos region could become a possible refuge for growers of Merlot and other warm climate varieties that are being heated out of their homes in other areas.

Even assuming ultimate success, temperatures are likely to continue rising for some time.

Extreme cold is the greatest obstacle to grape growing in Canada.

Friesen titled Projected Climate Change Impacts on Grape Growing in the Okanagan Valley discusses the valley as a refuge from the growing heat around the world.
The study finds that both average high temperatures and average low temperatures are rising during the Okanagan growing season.