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Gladiator weds the heroic scope of movies like , , , and Rob Roy with the serpentine political treachery of I, Claudius. (A connection that is italicized by the presence of Claudius lead, Derek Jacobi, in the supporting role of a Roman Senator.) The film never fails to be involving and entertaining, and there are plenty of moments designed to stir the adrenaline. Additionally, the screenplay manages to avoid the trap of predictability. The villains are at least as smart as the heroes, and far more ruthless.

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Regardless some historical inaccuracies, the movie very brightly revealed the spirit of the time. Rome at that period was violent and bloody, Emperors were mainly fighting and spent little time improving lives of common people. Gladiatorial fights served as the tools of showing that death is near and how it should be heroically met or was an allegory to reveal that life is cruel and one can die any moment.

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is the kind of movie upon which Hollywood once built its reputation but rarely produces anymore: the spectacle. Filled with larger-than-life characters, gorgeous scenery, impressive set design, and epic storytelling, Gladiator is designed not just to entertain, but to enthrall. It draws audiences in and immerses them in a reality that is not their own. A boisterous reaction is expected every time the protagonist defies the odds and wins a conflict, or changes the tide of battle in his favor. This is filmmaking on a grand scale.

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Gladiator is the Hollywood movie directed by Ridley Scott, which tells the story of depression and elevation of the general Maximus Decimus Meridius, who was the leader of the Roman Army. The film starts with the battle of the Roman armies against Germanic barbarians in 180 A.D., which ended the long lasting war and the Emperor Marcus Aurelius finally got esteem for it. Marcus Aurelius understands that his life is coming to the end, and though he has a son- Commodus, he decides that Maximus with his bravery, courage and high moral principles could be better leader. His long-term objective is to return power to people, to Roman Senate.

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