— Do girls get better grades than boys in your school?

I think that it is impossible for a school to be designed for girls. The article mentions girls having better manners than boys. However, there are many girls that are not well behaved and many boys that are. Being well mannered isn’t inherently female, while not being well mannered isn’t inherently male. It is ridiculous to think that because one small group of boys are not well mannered and one small group of girls are like angels does not mean everyone is. While I believe that school is fair to all genders does not mean I think the school system is perfect. Here are a few ways it can be changed for the better.

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Girls tend to get better grades at school than boys

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This article sheds light on a topic that many do not understand. First, it is not saying that all girls receive better grade but simply that studies have shown, on average, to perform better in school, hence gaining better grades. Second, the issue of poor children versus rich children may have a certain effect. A student from a rich background might do better in school due to a higher exposure to hard work and longer education background. Now I am not saying children from a poorer background do not have a full education but instead choose a different life path. Third, gender maybe important in the beginning years of school but as the years drag on both boys and girls excel the same. Depending on the subject of the class the girls might be lower particle than the boys, hence saying that girls do not always get better grades than boys. Concerning the percentiles might have something to do with the everlasting gender roles. It was always said that girls were to tend for the family and the boys were to go out and do the work. When it comes to the skills and behavioral percentiles it could possible show the nature of the female role.

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The difference between girls and boys here is that the function in completely different ways. I do not believe for one second that girls are any smarter than boys. What I believe the reason is for girls to do better in school is because they are motivated by the desire to look good. A girls wants to look good in front of her peers; she wants to be thought of as smart, so she works harder for it. Boys, on the other hand, do not care if people think they are smart. A boy has no constant motivation to help him work harder in school. I feel that if we gave boys some other type of incentive for schooling that all or a majority of them would want then they would do fairly well.

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I believe anyone can have better grades than a person they just have to work harder and listen and really test yourself so I dont think that girls are smarter than boys or vice versa.

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School is designed for both genders, not just one. If someone is struggling in school, its not because of their gender, its because of their own self. Yes prehaps most girls have a better discipline than boys, but some girls don’t. School is designed for anyone of any gender, race, etc…etc. School is a place where both girls and boys can learn equally. Girls and boys have the same capability to achieve in school and get good grades, its just that some boys and girls dont try and dont care. It depends on the person, not the gender. Attentiveness can be achieved by both girls and boys not only girls. Its the person’s, not the gender’s, desicion. I know boys that struggle in school, but i also know girls that struggle as well. When a person is struggling in school its not because they’re a boy or girls, its because they might not understand a subject. They might be having troubles at home; family issues, personal issues etc…etc. Or they might just not care.

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Do Girls Get Better Grades Than Boys in Your School

By kindergarten, girls are substantially more attentive, better behaved, more sensitive, more persistent, more flexible and more independent than boys, according to a new paper from Third Way, a Washington research group. The gap grows over the course of elementary school and feeds into academic gaps between the sexes. By eighth grade, 48 percent of girls receive a mix of A’s and B’s or better. Only 31 percent of boys do. …