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The box office as well as the population were shaken to the core with the releases of two new hit action movies, Friday Night Lights and V for Vendetta....

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Friday Night lights document the 1988 football season of Permian High School in Odessa, Texas.

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In this way, Friday Night Lights gives insight into the effects of high school football being the backbone of a community, revealing that the fate of the individual football players are inadvertently determined by the actions of the townspeople....

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Bisssinger’s highly regarded Friday Night Lights, high school football is accurately portrayed as the most important thing in Texas; it receives much more attention than academics....

In the small town of Odessa bases Fridays nights in the fall are dedicated to Permian football.
Northern Lights demonstrates to us that the love of a friend or the love of spouse can create either great power or bring misery and unhappiness....

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