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Actually, in this perspective, maybepsychoanalysis is not such a great idea afterall. On the issue of sexual inadequacies in the theory, Plaut even admits that Freud'stheory is less applicable to women than to men.

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Freud, an architect who was Sigmund Freud’s youngest son, married Lucie Brasch, the heiress to a timber fortune, and the family enjoyed summers on the North Sea and visits to a family estate near Cottbus, in Germany.

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Plaut ultimately reports that psychoanalysis hasemerged as a very relevant foundation of psychotherapy. The dynamic level of Freud's theory involves the interplay between the two mainalleged human instincts--the libido or sexual instinct, and the destructive oraggressive instinct.

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Nov 12, 2008 · Freud was apparently conflicted about homosexuality

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In light of this, another legitimate response to criticisms about therole of sexuality in the theory would be to concede that Freud's emphasis wasexcessive, but that that in itself does not really have any effect on the theory as awhole. One final criticism, which is often stated, is that Freud's work (and/or Freudhimself) was sexist.

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