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Many horror characters' traits come from their complex back stories.
In Frankenstein, the monster represents human nature in full swing; good and bad.

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Frankenstein and Human Condition Essay.

In Frankenstein Shelley highlights human nature; good and bad.

Frankenstein is also cast as a Promethean figure, striving against human limitations to bring light and benefit to mankind. While he advises Walton to "Seek happiness in tranquillity and avoid ambition," he nevertheless invites his listeners to share in the grandeur of his dreams, to glory in his ability to create a sublime facsimile of the human self. Frankenstein's fall, after all, results not from his creative enterprise, but from his failure and inability to give love to his creature. Indeed, another central concern of the novel is the conflict of individual desire against that of familial and social responsibility. George Levine writes: " spells out both the horror of going ahead and the emptiness of return. In particular, it spells out the price of heroism." Unlike her mother, , and unlike the Romantic poets generally, Shelley advocates self-denial and social harmony over self-assertion, confrontation, and the individualistic, imaginative act. In her novel she shows that Frankenstein's quest is an act of selfish obsession, one that destroys his domestic relationships. He is contrasted with the mariner Robert Walton, whose concern for others ultimately wins over his ambition to reach the "region of beauty and light."

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Another major theme in Frankenstein deals with queer theory. In queer theory, the text in Frankenstein is examined from a different standpoint. In the novel, there exists a relationship between Victor and the creature. In queer theory, the male hero, in this case Frankenstein, is in a close, usually murderous affiliation to another character of the same sex, which in this case is the creature. In the theory, the two characters usually are connected mentally, or share the similar thoughts and feelings. Some people, like James McGavran, even think that Frankenstein created his creature to satisfy a homosexual desire: "For James Holt McGavran, Victor is driven to create a giant male who would adore him because of his own unconscious "homoerotic desire" - desire that turns quickly to panic" (Schor 58). Schor believes that Victor has unconscious homoerotic desires that he tries to fulfill in the creation of his creature, and this does have some validity. The quote spoken by Victor proves that he wants recognition, but why from a male? Why also does Victor create the male creature of such gigantic proportions? It could not just of been for the minuteness of the parts because the monster is not too much bigger than a normal human being. Also, the queer theory can give an explanation as to why Victor kept putting off the wedding between Elizabeth and himself. Perhaps Victor had unconscious homosexual desires that made him uncomfortable at the thought of marriage to Elizabeth .

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Shelley’s novel follows the work of a promising chemist, Victor Frankenstein, who makes a remarkable discovery that has the potential to forever alter the scientific study and nature of human life....

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