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Needless to say, the custom soon made its wayfrom the district of Chromatistes to surrounding regions; and withintwo generations no one in all Flatland was colourless except the Womenand the Priests.

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The homes of theMilitary and Artisan classes were inspected in a course of visitationsextending through upwards of a year; and during that period everytown, village, and hamlet was systematically purged of that excess ofthe lower orders which had been brought about by the neglect to paythe tribute of Criminals to the Schools and University, and by theviolation of the other natural Laws of the Constitution ofFlatland.

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Yet at least we can admire the wisePrearrangement which has ordained that, as they have no hopes, so theyshall have no memory to recall, and no forethought to anticipate, themiseries and humiliations which are at once a necessity of theirexistence and the basis of the constitution of Flatland.

Flatland’s critique of analogy is reminiscent of Thomas Reid, writing in 1767

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The first objection is, that a Flatlander, seeing a Line, seessomething that must be thick to the eye as well as long to the eye(otherwise it would not be visible, if it had not some thickness); andconsequently he ought (it is argued) to acknowledge that hiscountrymen are not only long and broad, but also (though doubtless ina very slight degree) thick or high.

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While doing justice to the intellectual power withwhich a few Circles for many generations maintained their supremacyover immense multitudes of their countrymen, he believes that thefacts of Flatland, speaking for themselves without comment On hispart, declare that Revolutions cannot always be suppressed byslaughter; and that Nature, in sentencing the Circles to infecundity,has condemned them to ultimate failure - "and herein," he says, "I seea fulfillment of the great Law of all worlds, that while the wisdom ofMan thinks it is working one thing, the wisdom of Nature constrains itto work another, and quite a different and far better thing." For therest, he begs his readers not to suppose that every minute detail inthe daily life of Flatland must needs correspond to some other detailin Spaceland; and yet he hopes that, taken as a whole, his work mayprove suggestive as well as amusing, to those Spacelanders of moderateand modest minds who - speaking of that which is of the highestimportance, but lies beyond experience - decline to say on the onehand, "This can never be," and on the other hand, "It must needs beprecisely thus, and we know all about it."

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Spell-bound and motionless, I could neither speak nor moveto avert the impending destruction; and still the noise grew louder,and the King came closer, when I awoke to find the breakfast-bellrecalling me to the realities of Flatland.

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I - alas; I alone in Flatland - know now only too well the truesolution of this mysterious problem; but my knowledge cannot be madeintelligible to a single one of my countrymen; and I am mocked at - I,the sole possessor of the truths of Space and of the theory of theintroduction of Light from the world of three Dimensions - as if Iwere the maddest of the mad!

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Many are the enactments made at different times in the differentStates of Flatland, in order to minimize this peril; and in theSouthern and less temperate climates where the force of gravitation isgreater, and human beings more liable to casual and involuntarymotions, the Laws concerning Women are naturally much morestringent.

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Hence, all my Flatland friends - when I talk to themabout the unrecognized Dimension which is somehow visible in a Line -say, `Ah, you mean brightness': and when I reply, `No, I mean a realDimension,' they at once retort `Then measure it, or tell us in whatdirection it extends'; and this silences me, for I can doneither.