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Set aside the fact that Phillips custom-designs each wedding cake after consulting with the couple on how to fit the design to their relationship and the flavor of the celebration they’re after. The First Amendment scholars’ argument assumes that two cakes with the same design will carry messages with the same meaning no matter which event they’re created for. But that idea, too, is willfully blind to context—and again, the Court has made clear beyond any possible cavil that changing being conveyed.

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The Supreme Court is about to decide whether a baker has a First Amendment right not to be compelled to design and create cakes celebrating same-sex weddings. The baker’s best legal argument is simple, and it survives the best objections filed by the ACLU and Progressive scholars.

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But the best argument for Phillips is not that forcing people to sell a product for an event by itself compels them to endorse the event; it’s that forcing them to create speech celebrating the event does. And under longstanding precedent, First Amendment “speech” includes artistic creations like paintings, right alongside books and sermons and other items involving words. So unlike folding chairs, and unlike restaurant dining service, custom wedding cakes are full-fledged speech under the First Amendment—if they’re artistic.

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There is a great deal of debate about what Mill had in mind when hereferred to harm; for the purposes of this essay he will be taken tomean that an action has to directly and in the first instance invadethe rights of a person (Mill himself uses the term rights, despitebasing the arguments in the book on the principle of utility). Thelimits on free speech will be very narrow because it is difficult tosupport the claim that most speech causes harm to the rights ofothers. This is the position staked out by Mill in the first twochapters of On Liberty and it is a good starting point for adiscussion of free speech because it is hard to imagine a more liberalposition. Liberals are usually willing to contemplate limiting speechonce it can be demonstrated that it does invade the rights ofothers.

But Carvin was asking the court to accept a First Amendment argument it rejected nearly 40 years ..

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Basing my work on the “first amendment does not go too far in protecting free speech in the case of the Pledge of Allegiance” as the claim; my essay would revolve around the components of both the Speech Overview, as well as the Freedom in the Classroom....

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The student at this particular high school was able to win his case when he went before a judge, but this does not mean the language he used was at all appropriate for a school environment. In fact, according to Derek Bok, former President of Harvard University, the fact that “speech is protected by the First Amendment does not make it right, proper, or civil” (56). Bok, in his essay addressing a speech incident on the Harvard Campus, advocates taking an approach more aligned with the mission of a school: to “educate and persuade” (Bok 57) rather than punish.