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The best available film source that could be accessed was held at the BFI National Archive, although there was a fine grain master positive, there were issues on accessing it (which the story is talked about in the accompanying booklet).

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We would not have made the technical landmarks in film today if Meleshad not started his trick films back in the pioneer days, (some people feel the first science fiction filmwas Melies "A Trip to The Moon" in 1902 and that the genre of science fiction started then) There areabout eight or ten main genres that most video stores, books and critics use usually.

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And, if you’re lucky, you’ll find someone who accepts you for whomever you want to be - perfect or otherwise.It’s a boldly inclusive message, but it’s one that must have been close to the film-makers’ hearts.

Wilder was planning a film about two musicians who dress up as women to join an all-girl band, and he asked Curtis to play one of the musicians.

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In dominant cinema, a film sets up characters (however superficially deep their melodramas) and through identification and various reversals, climaxes, complications (usually in the same order) one aligns oneself unconsciously with one or more characters. These internal connections between viewer and viewed are based on systems of identification which demand primarily a passive audience, a passive viewer, one who is involved in the meaning that word has taken on within film-journalese, i.e. to be not involved, to get swept along through persuasive emotive devices employed by the film director. This system of cinematic functioning categorically rules out any dialectic. It is a cinematic functioning, it should be added, analogous on the part of the film director to that of the viewer, not to mention the producer, who is not a producer, who has no little investment in the staking out of the economics of such repression. What some of the more self-defined 'left-wing' directors would rationalise in terms of dialectic are merely cover-ups for identification, selling the same old wares, vi: Antonioni and the much less talented Bertolucci, Pasolini, Losey, not to mention committed right-wing directors. Thus, if a character is somewhat more complex, or if the acting is of a higher order, or if the lighting cameraman does most of the work, then the director rationalises the work which would seem to imply that he is as taken in by the phantasy as the viewer. Whether he is or not (there are few she's in such a position) is in fact irrelevant. The ideological position is the same.

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Filmmaking Attending!Today, one person in six lives in a slum, a squat, or any other precarious dwelling. Governments consider these to be problems and try to stamp them out by building public housing, but most citizens refuse to live in environments that fail to address their reality. Instead,...

23/06/2017 · Cinema Sem Lei has made a nice supercut video essay that explores the influence of German Expressionism on the films of Tim Burton

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Featuring interviews with collaborators such as and Barney Rosset, film critics and historians and , and the people who knew Beckett well such as and , the production took several years to construct with the interview footage, film clips, outtakes, and chronicling the production.