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Sheila Radford-Hill stresses the importance of rearticulation as an essential ingredient of an empowering Black feminist theory in her essay "Considering Feminism as a Model for Social Change." In evaluating whether Black women should espouse feminist programs, Radford-Hill suggests, "the essential issue that black women must confront when assessing a feminist position is as follows: If I, as a black woman, 'become a feminist,' what basic tools will I gain to resist my individual and group oppression"(1986, 160)?

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A feminist cheers or restraints the impartialities and evenhandedness of women.

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It contains a strong feminist stance; it speaks to deep, timeless human urges and fears, using the principles of literature to chart the mind?s recesses.

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The term Black feminist has also been used to describe selected African-American women who possess some version of a feminist consciousness (Beale 1970; Hooks 1981; Barbara Smith 1983; White 1984).

However, in the hip-hop genre there are plenty of successful female rappers promoting feminist views, artist such as Queen Latifah and Mary J.

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Although the social conditions which create the need for resistant viewing are themselves oppressive, subversion of mainstream film holds out some possibility of empowerment for lesbian viewers.

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This paper draws on feminist and queer theory to examine the liabilities of relying on these familiar situation comedy conventions, demonstrating how the program equates gayness with a lack of masculinity, relies on sexual tension and delayed consummation,infantilizes the program's most potentially subversive characters, and emphasisizes characters' interpersonal relationships rather than the characters' connection to the larger social world.

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Additional areas of interest are the temperature profiles found within the core. A typical axial temperature profile along a coolant channel for a pressurized water reactor (PWR) is shown in Figure 16. As would be expected, the temperature of the coolant will increase throughout the entire length of the channel.

The struggle for a self-defined Afrocentric feminist consciousness occurs through a merger of thought and action.

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But in spite of this statement, by implying that only African-American women can be Black feminists, they require a biological prerequisite for race and gender consciousness.

Marxist feminism deals with women as a working class and how they are essentially slaves, paid less, often less educated and exploited.

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One current response, explicit in Patricia Bell Scott's (1982b) "Selected Bibliography on Black Feminism," classifies all African-American women, regardless of the content of our ideas, as Black feminists.

In: Collins, Patricia Hill, Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment.

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In this essay, the author assesses this particular performance of gay identity in order to discern what qualities render it-as presented in this configuration-not only acceptable but popular given the heteronormative visibilities that characterize the mainstream audience to which it is directed.