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Inaddition Mr. Crown and Ms. Crown, your TOK teachers, and your extended essayadvisor will grade preliminary drafts of your essay which will lead you to yourfinal draft. You will receive a calendar and schedule of assignments which youmust follow very carefully.

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Eachquarter, your work on the extended essay will account for 25% of your TOKgrade.


Only a supervisor within the school is permitted to complete the reflection process for the extended essay with the student and provide both signature and comments on the Reflections on planning and progress form (RPPF).

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Yourfinal draft of your extended essay will be assessed by the IB based on how wellyou satisfy both general assessment criteria and subject specific assessmentcriteria. You will receive a booklet detailing the assessment criteria and otheressential information about the extended essay, including the very importantformat requirements.

SEE PAGES 19-20 of the Extended Essay Booklet and theAssessment Criteria for details.
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this means 500-650 words for your extended essay.

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As the name indicates, extendedessays focuses more on the length of the essays, this is perhaps the majorreason why students don’t like to write extended essays due to the lengthproblems. The matter of the fact is there is no standard length for IB extendedessay but the ideal length is considered to be around four thousand. Isn’t ittiring enough!

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The Extended Essay of 4,000 words offers the opportunity for IB students to investigate a topic of special interest related to one of the student’s six Diploma Programme (DP) subjects/disciplines. An extended essay can also be undertaken in world studies. The world studies extended essay provides students with the opportunity to carry out an in-depth interdisciplinary study of an issue of contemporary global significance, utilizing two IB diploma disciplines. Both types of extended essay (single-disciplinary and interdisciplinary essays) are intended to promote high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity expected at university. They provide students with an opportunity to engage in personal research in a topic of their own choice, under the guidance of a supervisor (a teacher in the school). This leads to a major piece of formally presented, structured writing, in which ideas and findings are communicated in a reasoned and coherent manner, appropriate to the subject or issue chosen. It is recommended that students follow the completion of the written essay with a short, concluding interview – viva voce – with the supervisor. In countries where interviews are required prior to acceptance for employment or for a place at university, the extended essay has proved to be a valuable stimulus for discussion