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You had to suddenly grow up and be responsible for yourself and your belongings. You were expected to hide your feelings and never talk about them. Homesickness was a major problem for many of the evacuated children. If you felt unhappy or not well there was no mother there to comfort you and make you feel better.

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I have also gathered stories from mothers and teachers who travelled with the groups of evacuated school children, and who took on a huge amount of responsibility. Jessie Robertson recalled arriving in Bishop Auckland with her pupils and comparing that area with their home town of Gateshead, “Saturday was spent seeing that the children were settling in. They had all come from a new housing estate where every house had an indoor toilet and bathroom and most were housed in homes without either – as I was. Once a week, on a Friday evening, I was invited by the lady next door to use her bathroom. I think that it was the only one in that terraced street.”


This will help me answer the question, do you agree or disagree with the interpretation, 'Evacuation was a great success.' Evacuation started at the beginning of World War Two and involved children that lived in cities that were under threat from the Luftwaffe.

Evacuation Of Children in WW2 During World War 2, many children were moved from areas that were at risk from bombing
03/12/2010 · This is why the evacuation was largely seen as an anarchic endeavour

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