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On this score-about activities-I conclude that philosophical counseling is not and could not be a distinct discipline from psychotherapy.
One of the other means (suggested above) for trying to distinguish psychotherapy and philosophical counseling was in terms of differing aims or objectives, viz., the relevance of diagnosis and treatment in the one field and the absence of this in the other.

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This is the strategy-or maybe simply the belief-of some philosophical counselors.

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Although marriage and family counseling has a broad history, formal recognition of the professional counseling specialization can be traced to the establishment in 1989 of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counseling (IAMFC), which is a division of the American Counseling Association....

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Why would anyone want to consult a philosophical counselor when they didn't have a hang-up?
Here I wish to insert brief reference to cautions that need to be discussed at length.

Every bit of media coverage I have seen has discussed philosophical counseling in the same breath with psychotherapy.

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Even if we could make a tidy picture of what was to count as philosophical counseling, what can count as "psychotherapy" is so amorphous that nothing could (or would) prevent whatever one comes to call philosophical counseling from being construed by psychology as one form of psychotherapy-hence, their domain!

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I want to build a case for the legitimacy of applied philosophy, including various forms of "philosophical counseling" some of which admittedly look like what would popularly be regarded as psychotherapy, but which are candidly offered as an alternative.

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Suppose that there are some (self-proclaimed) philosophical counselors who believe they have an especially good understanding of or Spinoza's, or Sartre's philosophy which will allow them to be of particular assistance to persons who are unhappy in a relationship, or anxious about career decisions, or worried about any of a number of things that engage them in a personal and potentially emotional way.

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(2) The second would be to allow that psychotherapy and philosophical counseling might overlap, and then try to overturn the psychologists' monopoly on the grounds that the laws are miscast.

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Granting that some philosophers might make good psychotherapists, what they might offer which would make them more or less distinct would be that they trained in philosophy, identified themselves as philosophers, and thought "like philosophers."
Putting aside this potential means of distinguishing a philosophical counselor from a psychologist/psychotherapist by means of how they identify themselves professionally, is it possible to distinguish them either by their activities or by their purposes?

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(1) One would be to establish that philosophical counseling is (or can come to be) something distinct from psychotherapy, hence not part of the domain claimed for psychology.