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Play writer William Shakespeare shows just how the witches' prophecies impact the decisions that Macbeth makes in achieving power in a scene from his famous play Macbeth.

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This paper defines the role of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as they relate to this process.

Shakespeare's "Macbeth" The supernatural elements in the W.

It was the period where the belief in supernatural was greatly held and king James I himself, the author of Divine rights of king adhered in witchcraft and openly practiced the idea of kings being God’s representatives on earth, so to even complain about them was a sin.

Shakespeare's "Macbeth another supernatural being in the play.

The tragic hero, brave and valiant Macbeth had all the required characteristics of the ideal Scottish soldier; valorous and gallant but he is bound to have a tragic flaw which he is powerless over and the cause of his inevitable death, his ‘vaulting ambition’ and greed....

The supernatural was a recurring theme in many of Shakespeare's works.

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Centuries before Macbeth, King Kenneth MacAlpin, "founded Scotland" by unitingthe Picts and the Scots, i.e., getting them to fightforeigners rather than each other.

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Alas for Macbeth! now all is inward with him; he has no more prudential prospective reasonings. His wife, the only being who could have had any seat in his affections, dies; he puts on despondency, the final heart-armour of the wretched, and would fain think every thing shadowy and unsubstantial, as indeed all things are to those who cannot regard them as symbols of goodness:—

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Their son wasLulach the Simple (i.e., stupid;no, Lady Macbeth didn't brain him.) After Macbethkilled Gillacomgain, he took his widow Gruoch for his own wife,and raised Lulach astheir stepson.

In Hamlet and Macbeth, the supernatural was an essential part of the structure of the plot.

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is that of one who had habitually familiarized her imagina-tion to dreadful conceptions, and was trying to do so still more. Her invocations and requisitions are all the false efforts of a mind accustomed only hitherto to the shadows of the imagination, vivid enough to throw the everyday substances of life into shadow, but never as yet brought into direct contact with their own correspondent realities. She evinces no womanly life, no wifely joy, at the return of her husband, no pleased terror at the thought of his past dangers, whilst Macbeth bursts forth naturally—

These forces lead Macbeth to act in the way he did and add suspense to the play.

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Shakespeare adapted this for Macbeth.I've read that Holinshed's section on Macbeth was largely derived fromthe work of one Hector Boece, Scotorum Historiae ("Chroniclesof Scotland", 1526-7, translated from Latin into English by a John Bellenden in 1535).It is evidently not online.

Shakespeare located his scene in a mysterious Related GCSE Macbeth essays.

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As Macbeth was walking to murder his cousin from the same blood, he starts hallucinating about the dagger, “Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand....