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This remote wilderness park, 54 air miles north of Kodiak, is accessible only by boat or plane. The park/island is 11 miles in diameter, and is comprised of 49,000 acres of coastal rain forest and numerous protected bays and inlets. Favorite recreation activities include sea kayaking, boating, wildlife viewing, fishing, and hunting. The park is home to the majestic Kodiak brown bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, silver salmon, many bird species, and a great diversity of marine mammals. Park facilities include four public use cabins available for rent to visitors and the new Big Bay Rangers Station/Visitor Center. Shuyak Island is subject to the wet, windy, and unpredictable weather of the Gulf of Alaska and Shelikof Strait. Rainfall averages approximately 70 inches per year.

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The destruction wrought upon native ecosystems by invasive species such as snakehead fish; the ..

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Parked next to the bridge over Slate Run ~ 9:30am and spent about 20-30
minutes weighing the question of the day: “Should I fish upstream or
down?” Elected to go downstream. Slate Run is a beautiful freestoner,
mountain laurel in flower, birds all over the place and clear cold water
with a good flow. With no hatch on, I opted to use a number of dry
flies (Royal Wulff, Ausable Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Klinkhammer Special)
and got only a couple of slashes but no hookups a couple hours in –
plus I must have lost a half a dozen flies to the trees by this point.
Fishing a mountain stream for trout is WAY different than wet wading the
Potomac for smallies – I need to remember that next time. And I really
should go trouting more often – it reignites that exploring/adventuring
mindset from when one was a kid, messing around in the woods and streams
near home or on Boy Scout trips.

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Luckily, conference-goers won’t have to look far for success stories, as the rail-trail at Mammoth Cave is seen as a recreational gem for the state. The trail and its immediate surroundings are rich with opportunities to hike, bike, ride horseback, canoe, fish, camp and go cave exploring.

Since the snakehead fish have invaded the Maryland pond, they have killed all the native fish species.
The effects of different cooking methods (boiling, baking, frying and grilling) on proximate and mineral composition of snakehead fish were investigated

Pepsinogens and pepsins from largemouth bass, …

So I changed tactics and went with a Pheasant Tail nymph highsticked
through plunge pools – and so after about a half hour of this tactic I
landed a 12-14 inch beauty of a wild brown – it’s the pic with the fish
resting on my net. I then proceed downstream to successive plunge
pools and deeper runs and lost two more flies, depleting my supply of
the magical pheasant tail. Tied on a new pheasant tail – this one with
a clear glass bead head and kept high sticking for a while. Bagged my
second fish, about 12″, in a later plunge pool and run adjacent to
overhanging rock.

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Nancy Lake State Recreation Area is located in Southcentral Alaska, 67 miles north of Anchorage, in the community of Willow, with a population of over 1,600. Situated on the east side of the broad Susitna River Valley, Nancy Lake SRA has the typical geography formed by the retreat of large glaciers – forested, rolling hills of glacial moraines and countless lakes, ponds, and streams. This recreation area is well known for its canoe trail system and public use cabins. The 22,685 acre park is home to moose, beaver, fox, black bear, waterfowl and many other wildlife species. Summer recreation activities include canoeing, camping, hiking, and fishing. One backcountry host position is located at Red Shirt Lake, the other at Butterfly Lake.

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Other Invertebrates