Constant criticism early in life and abusive treatment in childhood leave strong impressions upon people and make them feel worthless and vulnerable to depression and low self-esteem. Such feelings can be overcome by accepting oneself unconditionally, disputing negative self-talk, improving one's knowledge and skills and learning to evaluate one's self-worth more realistically based upon one's experience and observation rather than other people's opinions and judgments.

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10. Involve yourself in work and activities that you love. So many people with low self esteem stop doing those activities that they most enjoy. Even if you're not in a position to make immediate changes in your career, you can still devote some of your leisure time to enjoyable hobbies and activities.

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9. Make positive contributions to others. This doesn't mean that you constantly do for others what they could be doing for themselves. But when you do make a positive contribution to others, you begin to feel more valuable, which increases your sense of your own value and raises your self esteem.

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Self-esteem means how you view yourself and treat yourself or how you regard yourself in your opinion. It is your opinion of yourself, which reflects in your self-confidence, sense of self-worth and self-respect. Low Self-esteem is a self-inflicted curse, a spell cast upon the self by a person who has learned to depend upon others for self-approval and positive feelings.


Do You think you Deserve Success? One of the persistent problems that assail people with low self-esteem is the feeling that they do not deserve the success and happiness they achieve in their lives. A Hindi poet and writer who was very successful in his life and made a fortune once said in an interview that he was always worried that people would assume he was a fraud and did not deserve the success he had in his life. He felt so because he had low self-esteem and attributed his success to extraneous factors rather than to his own self-worth.

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Determined to improve your self-esteem? You may contact the directly, or click below to learn more about Dr. Branden's self-directed sentence-completion exercises.

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Start taking action! The universe rewards action. Backing away and avoiding challenges means that your self esteem muscles become weak and flabby. When you start to take action - regardless of the outcome - you will start to feel better about yourself, develop your self confidence and raise your self esteem.

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Many factors contribute to lack of self-esteem. What you want to achieve in your life, your goals, your relationships, your expectation from yourself and others, your successes and failures depend upon your self-esteem. People with low self-esteem remain dissatisfied with themselves and are critical of their achievements and successes.

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They also seek other peoples' approval and show undue sensitivity towards any criticism directed against them. In the following essay, the author suggests how to boost your self-esteem and feel good about yourself. Also please read the notes why some people think they do not deserve the success and happiness they have in their lives.