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Lewis as a Medievalist - Masako Takagi

The case - Sebastian Sobecki [.pdf]

With Richard losing the throne, and his the Queen sent back to her native France, Aumerle, the son of the Duke of York, plots against Henry IV, planning on poisoning him at Oxford. The plot discovered, Aumerlie is shown mercy whilst Richard II is imprisoned at Ponfret Castle, Sir Pierce of Exton killing him in the mistaken belief it is Henry IV's wish. The deposed monarch did not go quietly, killing two of Exton's accomplices. Henry IV banishes Exton, Henry IV upon seeing Richard II's dead body, denounces the killing, though he did desire it in part, deciding to mount a Holy crusade (which he never has the opportunity to launch) as atonement for his death.

Shoaf - Anniina Jokinen [, ] - Fred Griffiths - David V.

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