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Plato's argument implies that justice and morality are intimately interconnected, because the excellence and goodness of human life — the best way for a person to live — is intimately dependent upon and closely interwoven with those 'things that we find desirable in themselves and for their consequences [1]....

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One text that explores the many faces of love in everyday life is Plato’s Symposium.

In Plato's "Symposium", there is a celebration for Agathon.

Berlin’s conception of philosophy was shaped by his early exposure to,and rejection of, both Idealism and logical positivism. With theformer he associated an excessively exalted view of philosophy as the‘queen of the sciences’, capable of establishingfundamental, necessary, absolute and abstract truths. With the latterhe associated the reductionist and deflationary view of philosophy as,at best, a handmaiden to the natural sciences, and at worst a sign ofintellectual immaturity bred of confusion and credulity.

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In the allegory of the cave, he tells Glaucon that "in the world of knowledge the idea of good appears last of all, and is seen only with an effort [·] and that this is the power upon which he [the intellectual] would act rationally" (517b-c).

In Plato's Symposium, a dinner party was held with the discussion of love as the main topic.

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After witnessing the death of Socrates at the hands of the Athenian democracy in 399 B.C., Plato left Athens and continued to travel to Italy, Sicily, and Egypt....

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Though the ancient Greek philosopher Plato’s The Symposium (c.385 BCE) does not put forth legal restrictions on sex, its dialogue does attempt to define love.

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Plato alludes to the philosopher's good life when he uses the phrase "my greatest pleasure." The inherent subjectivity of the word "my" tells the reader that philosophical conversation may not necessarily be everyone's greatest pleasure....

Plato, the author of Republic, uses his brother Glaucon to tell the Myth of the Lydian Shepherd.

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While Aristotle and Plato both take a plunge into the unknowns of a political state, Aristotle demonstrates a state for individuals, to rule as equals, contrary to Plato’s strict utopian structure and group over individual hierarchy view of the ideal state.

In Plato’s Symposium each member of the drinking party gives their own interpretation of love.

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In his work The Republic, Plato spends a great deal of time outlining his vision of a society in which man's arrogant and competitive nature is unable to root itself into the government of the city, thus creating a completely just and good society.

Lawrence’s model relies heavily on a similar model presented in Plato’s Symposium.

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