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Like Momaday, Welch portrays an Indian who succeeds in
white America, as Momaday and Welch themselves have (Welch teaches at Cornell), but he heavily emphasizes the point
that an Indian who succeeds in white America is an anomaly who is likely to feel as much concern as satisfaction with that

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 : Book about Native American language revival, storytelling, and cultural tradition.

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2. Robert L. Herbert, “Method and Meaning in Monet,” Art in America 67 (September 1979), pp. 90–108. James Elkins’s description of attempting to replicate a Monet painting is an essential complement to Herbert’s analysis. See Elkins, What Painting Is: How to Think about Oil Painting, Using the Language of Alchemy (London and New York: Routledge, 1999), pp. 10–19.

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Perhaps because of a tighter sense of tribal community, Indians in Montana
have felt so lonely and alienated when they left home, even to attend state schools, that they rarely play sports in college.

Sylvester's success has made him an outsider in his tribe, and he feels uncomfortable.

The national Democratic Party has heard of Sylvester and wants him to run for Congress.

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This collection of essays examines the work of Robert Davidson (Haida), a pivotal figure in the Northwest Coast Native art renaissance since 1969, when he erected the first totem pole in his ancestral Massett village since the 1880s. Davidson mastered Haida art traditions by studying the great works of his great-grandfather Charles Edenshaw and others. Well known for his work in wood sculpture, ceremonial arts, jewelry, and prints, his recent works are abstract interpretations of the traditional forms—boldly minimalist easel paintings, graphic works, and sculpture, where images are pared to essential lines, elemental shapes, and strong colors. This title features work created since 2005, as well as key images from earlier in the artist's career.

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Weather studies however assert that the humid patterns only lasted for a little period only to be replaced by the dry spells once more necessitating trading practices form neighboring regions for the food deficit created. Diet has expanded to include manufactured items as the main source of food after agriculture although it is an expensive project. Modernism has included contemporary form of clothing for the natives through trading practices.

The Remembered Earth: An Anthology of Contemporary Native American Literature.

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These works both compliment and contradict later works by the influential Fritz Scholder who helped to break down the stereotypes of what had become expected of Native American artists.

government enacted a policy of assimilation of Native Americans, to Americanize them.

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Since the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., in 2004, the museum’s Mitsitam Cafe (mitsitam means “let’s eat” in the Piscataway and Delaware languages) has become a destination in its own right. In this beautiful book, the cafe presents for the first time 90 of its delicious, easy-to-follow recipes based on the seasonal, abundant foods that have always been central to Native cultures. Drawing upon tribal culinary traditions from five regions—Northern Woodlands, Great Plains, North Pacific Coast, Mesoamerica, and South America—the recipes have been adapted for home cooks and are illustrated with vivid photographs of the finished dishes as well as objects and archival photographs from the museum’s vast collections.

It is necessary to include how a typical day in the life of a Native American was spent; therefore, I have included a brief description of a day....

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Mary Jane Lenz’s insightful, authoritative text discusses the intriguing roles dolls have played in Native American cultures and explores their significance today, while historical photographs bring to life the people who made and used these remarkable creations. Featuring a superb selection from the museum’s collections, Lenz’s landmark book will appeal to scholar, collector, and general reader alike.