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Gathering as much information as possible about the conditionsunder which murder can occur is a major step towards being able to takepreventative action.

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From Murder on the Orient Express, the readers can learn that some set of morals are endorsed.

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In this essay I want to focus on murder(homicide), which is the tenth leading cause of death for males in theUnited States (much less common for females).

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A good many years ago you may remember that I came forward in the characterof a dilettante in murder. Perhaps dilettante may be too strong a word.Connoisseur is better suited to the scruples and infirmity of publictaste. I suppose there is no harm in that at least. A man is not boundto put his eyes, ears, and understanding into his breeches pocket when hemeets with a murder. If he is not in a downright comatose state, I supposehe must see that one murder is better or worse than another in point ofgood taste. Murders have their little differences and shades of merit aswell as statues, pictures, oratorios, cameos, intaglios, or what not. Youmay be angry with the man for talking too much, or too publicly, (as to thetoo much, that I deny–a man can never cultivate his taste too highly;) butyou must allow him to think, at any rate; and you, Doctor, you think, I amsure, both deeply and correctly on the subject. Well, would you believe it?all my neighbors came to hear of that little æsthetic essay which you hadpublished; and, unfortunately, hearing at the very same time of a club thatI as connected with, and a dinner at which I presided–both tending to thesame little object as the essay, viz., the diffusion of a just taste amongher majesty’s subjects, they got up the most barbarous calumnies againstme. In particular, they said that I, or that the club, which comes to thesame thing, had offered bounties on well conducted homicides–with a scaleof drawbacks, in case of any one defect or flaw, according to a tableissued to private friends. Now, Doctor, I’ll tell you the whole truth aboutthe dinner and the club, and you’ll see how malicious the world is. Butfirst let me tell you, confidentially, what my real principles are upon thematters in question.

From eight in the morning I was given instruction in English by my professors at school.

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When the tempestuous chorus had subsided, I began again:–"Gentlemen, youwill find a very circumstantial account of the Sicarii in at least threedifferent parts of Josephus; once in Book XX. sect. v. c. 8, of hisAntiquities; once in Book I. of his Wars: but in sect. 10 of thechapter first cited you will find a particular description of theirtooling. This is what he says–’They tooled with small scymetars not muchdifferent from the Persian acinacæ, but more curved, and for all theworld most like the Roman sickles or sicæ.’ It is perfectly magnificent,gentlemen, to hear the sequel of their history. Perhaps the only caseon record where a regular army of murderers was assembled, a justusexercitus, was in the case of these Sicarii. They mustered in suchstrength in the wilderness, that Festus himself was obliged to marchagainst them with the Roman legionary force.”

Celebrities of all kinds face an increasing riskof murder or attack by obscessed persons.

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Peter Lawford went to Marilyn’s house to clean up and do what he could before the press arrived.” “Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, reporter Joe Hyams learned that Lawford’s neighbors were upset that a helicopter had touched down on the Santa Monica shore behind the Lawford’s residence in the early hours of Sunday morning, August 5, blowing sand into their swimming pools.

All Roman Catholics are against abortion, they believe that abortion is a murder and should have the rights to life....

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There are many definitions for the word "terminal." For example, Jack Kevorkian who participated in the deaths of more than 130 people before he was convicted of murder said that a terminal illness...

It came to attention that 38 people witnessed the attack and murder, but all thirty-eight failed to report it until after the murder....

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(See for details.) To determine the States where homicide is most and least likelyto occur I have extracted the most & least dangerous States based on for the year 2003: States (and Puerto Rico) can be grouped by region with summary data for 2002:The regions above can be defined as:East South Central:Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee
West South Central:Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas
South Atlantic:Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
East North Central:Illinios, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin
Pacific:Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington
Mountain:Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Middle Atlantic:New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
West North Central:Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
New England:Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont A Scientific American article (June 1999) accounts for the high murder ratesin the South on the grounds of a "culture of honor".