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However, his motives lose sight from just Othello as Iago's psychopathic nature is prevalent through the havoc forced on other characters and especially his euphemisms towards Emelia potentially cheating.

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elicits at length a true feeling of Iago's mind, the dread of contempt habitual to those, who encourage in themselves, and have their keenest pleasure in, the expression of con-tempt for others. Observe Iago's high self-opinion, and the moral, that a wicked man will employ real feelings, as well as assume those most alien from his own, as instru-ments of his purposes:—

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In Act V, Scene II, Lodovico criticizes Othello for murdering his wife Desdemona and falling from grace to act like a common slave not the respected man he once was. Additionally, Lodovico plays an active role in the discovery process of Iago's treachery, by finding on the dead Roderigo a note indicating Cassio was to be killed, learning that Othello killed Desdemona, discovering Othello's and Iago's plot to kill Cassio and finally learning the sad story of how Othello's handkerchief was used by Iago to manipulate Othello into believing his wife was unfaithful which led to her death as well as Iago's wife, Emilia.

Before he succumbs to Iago's poisonous innuendoes, Othello himself expresses his clear understanding of this role of the human intellect.

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He is one who is almost incapable of any other perspective on women than a sexist one: Iago’s worry that he cannot do what Desdemona asks implies that his dispraise of women was candid and easily produced, while the praise requires labour and inspiration from a source beyond himself....

Iago is William Shakespeare’s most elaborate evil villain

Heilman discusses the ancient’s instinctive reaction to the love-theme of the play: Before coming directly to the forming of the love-theme that differentiates Othello from other Shakespeare plays that utilize the same theme, I turn arbitrarily to Iago to inspect a distinguishing mark of his of which the relevance to thematic form in the play will appear a little later....

Chronologically through the play Othello's character changes from a flawless military leader, to become a murderer.

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Furthermore it would appear that Iago has an exceptional ability to scheme, a talent which he uses to snake his way into the lives of others and exploit them through their weaknesses....

Shakespeare's play, Othello, the Moor of Venice, teaches many lessons for life. Iago is a major character that illustrates the essence of manipulation.

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Nonetheless he allows the threat to his pride that Desdemona's infidelity would represent, to allow him to trust Iago on some very circumstantial evidence (Iago saying Cassio boasted of sleeping with Desdemona, Cassio having Desdemona's handkerchief and Cassio talking about a woman Othello does not realize is Bianca) which leads to his murdering his wife, to prevent her abusing other men when we really know it is to avenge his own pride.

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