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It explains a progression by which both national and regional economies, societies, and cultures have become incorporated through the universal system of commerce, communication, migration and transportation.

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Globalization is the concept of companies sending jobs overseas to those who will work for less.

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Globalization is renders boundaries and identity with the land less salient, which means that it allows people, goods, information, norms, practices, and institutions to move about oblivious to or despite boundaries....

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The implementation of interprofessional programs require a multifaceted system of faculty coordinators and training, standardized assessments, clinical training sites, and administrative support.

Globalization in business definitely brings a lot of great opportunities for many countries.

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The familiar concept of "Canadian culture", and hence Canadian cinema, within critical terminology is essentially based on the principle that the ideology of a national identity, supposedly limited by such tangible parameters as lines on a map, emerges from a common geographical and mythological experience among its people....

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There are many factors that can affect the management in globalization of business, which are the multinational corporations, the difference in cultures, ethical issue, fair trade and the managerial styles....

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Since the rapid growth of both amateur and professional sports in the beginning of the previous century, sports like hockey, basketball and curling became inseparable part of Canadian culture.

Globalization is in the process of evolution since treaty of Westphalia.

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On the one hand, proponents of globalization say it has promoted information exchange, led to a greater understanding of other cultures, raised living standards, increased purchasing power (most especially in the west) and allowed democracy to triumph over communism.” Globalization usually takes different forms and will vary in meaning depending on the individual or grou...

Globalization is the growth, expansion and integration of different systems such as economics, culture and politics on a global scale.

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The benefits of globalization are clear nevertheless, worldwide and in America. Poor nations have had their economies strengthened by globalization, the global poverty levels have decreased and environmental concerns have received more attention together with more intervention in human rights issues. Though these advantages have been brought about by politics, they originate from the effects of globalization both in America and in other poorer nations. The economic benefits from the increased prosperity that globalization has brought through investments, aid, trade and technology have had significant impacts on the globe. Globalization should not be a first priority in America as it benefits those who are opposed to it ironically because it benefits the poorer countries on the expense of the advancing of America as a nation. Globalization has taken jobs from America to where apparently, there is cheaper labor. This has made many Americans jobless while the jobs that have been off shored and outsourced can be done right here in our soil.

Essentially, cars became a part of our cultures because cars are necessary for movement and mobility from one location to another....

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His exhibits disgust for these people, expressing hate (Hage 185), and yet his brief admission into their circle is indicative of his acceptance into a foreign culture by allowing himself to be fetishized, thereby fulfilling the role needed to join.