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The only part I disagree with is "even worse". You have the ability to remove your government if it breaches your trust, but I, or any other citizen of a foreign contry have no such recourse, as likewise you have no such recourse against my government. Arguably, that makes it "even worse" for your government (or mine) to act "illegally" outside your (or my) court's juristiction. (I use "" because if it's outside the court's juristiction technically it's not illegal I guess) I can do nothing if your government decides to spy on me - I can't use the courts, I can't vote your government out of office, I can't seek to impeach your president. You can do all those things.

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By this course a man shall never improve himself, nor arrive at any perfection in anything. He must, therefore, make it his business always to put the architect, the painter, the statuary, every mechanic artisan, upon discourse of their own capacities.

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For it often falls out that, on the contrary, every one will rather choose to be prating of another man’s province than his own, thinking it so much new reputation acquired; witness the jeer Archidamus put upon Periander, “that he had quitted the glory of being an excellent physician to gain the repute of a very bad poet. And do but observe how large and ample Caesar is to make us understand his inventions of building bridges and contriving engines of war, and how succinct and reserved in comparison, where he speaks of the offices of his profession, his own valor, and military conduct. His exploits sufficiently prove him a great captain, and that he knew well enough; but he would be thought an excellent engineer to boot; a quality something different, and not necessary to be expected in him. Old Dionysius was a very great captain, as it befitted his fortune he should be; but he took very great pains to get a particular reputation by poetry, and yet he was never cut out for a poet. A man of the legal profession being not long since brought to see a study furnished with all sorts of books, both of his own and all other faculties, took no occasion at all to entertain himself with any of them, but fell very rudely and magisterially to descant upon a barricade placed on the winding stair before the study door, a thing that a hundred captains and common soldiers see every day without taking any notice or offence:—

Being an American citizen he got to use his right of having freedom of speech, which everyone should not be afraid of doing.
s from the date of filing the naturalization application up to the date of being sworn in as a US citizen

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Notwithstanding, we may on the other side consider that so precise and implicit an obedience as this is only due to positive and limited commands. The employment of ambassadors is never so confined, many things in their management of affairs being wholly referred to the absolute sovereignty of their own conduct; they do not simply execute, but also, to their own discretion and wisdom, form and model their master’s pleasure. I have, in my time, known men of command checked for having rather obeyed the express words of the king’s letters, than the necessity of the affairs they had in hand. Men of understanding do yet, to this day, condemn the custom of the kings of Persia to give their lieutenants and agents so little rein, that, upon the least arising difficulties, they must fain have recourse to their further commands; this delay, in so vast an extent of dominion, having often very much prejudiced their affairs; and Crassus, writing to a man whose profession it was best to understand those things, and pre-acquainting him to what use this mast was designed, did he not seem to consult his advice, and in a manner invite him to interpose his better judgment?

Citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state or part of a nation

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Every applicant for
naturalization must: (1) demonstrate an understanding of the English
language, including an ability to read, write, and speak words in
ordinary usage in English (persons physically unable to do so and
persons who, on the examination date, are over 55 years of age and have
been lawful permanent residents of the United States for 15 years or
more, or who are over 50 and have been residents 20 or more years, are
exempt); (2) have been a person of good moral character, attached to
the principles of the Constitution, and well disposed to the good order
and happiness of the United States for 5 years just before filing the
petition or for whatever other period of residence is required in the
particular case and continue to be such a person until admitted to
citizenship; and (3) demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the
fundamentals of the history, and the principles and form of government,
of the United States.

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I have often considered with myself whence it should proceed, that in war the image of death, whether we look upon it in ourselves or in others, should, without comparison, appear less dreadful than at home in our own houses (for if it were not so, it would be an army of doctors and whining milksops), and that being still in all places the same, there should be, notwithstanding, much more assurance in peasants and the meaner sort of people, than in others of better quality. I believe, in truth, that it is those terrible ceremonies and preparations wherewith we set it out, that more terrify us than the thing itself; a new, quite contrary way of living; the cries of mothers, wives, and children; the visits of astounded and afflicted friends; the attendance of pale and blubbering servants; a dark room, set round with burning tapers; our beds environed with physicians and divines; in sum, nothing but ghostliness and horror round about us; we seem dead and buried already. Children are afraid even of those they are best acquainted with, when disguised in a visor; and so ’tis with us; the visor must be removed as well from things as from persons, that being taken away, we shall find nothing underneath but the very same death that a mean servant or a poor chambermaid died a day or two ago, without any manner of apprehension. Happy is the death that deprives us of leisure for preparing such ceremonials.