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Life moved fast since 's previous Moon Pie Press publication, (2007). Jim has completed a master's degree in theology, become a grandfather, and written his poetry mostly on the run. Trips to Portugal (the Azores) and Israel expanded his horizons and informed some of his work. He continues to contribute his expertise to the field of addiction while keeping one eye on retirement. He has had poems published in small presses and (the now closed) Bangor Theological Seminary's "The Open Door." His pursuit of the muse is not only through writing, but also in playing music. He has a volunteer gig as a DJ for Colby College radio and identifies with Bob Dylan's words where "... beauty walks a razor's edge, some day I'll make it mine."

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Regardless of the weather this is the date of Alice Walkers birth in Eatonton Georgia.

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In Beauty: When the Other Dance is the Self Alice Walker contemplates through memories of her experience, weather she has changed as a result having been shot in the eye.

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All of these views are illustrated proficiently in Alice Walker’s third novel, “The Color Purple.” Each one of these aspects had a lasting impression upon the ideals and notions of the time.

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Alice Walker does not choose Southern black women to be her major protagonists only because she is one, but because she had discovered in the tradition and history they collectively experience an understanding of oppression that has been drawn from them a willingness to reject the principle and to hold what is difficult....

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Walker is an accomplished writer of short fiction and the author of four collections of short stories: In Love and Trouble (1973); You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down (1981); Alice Walker: The Complete Stories (1994); and The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart (2000). The defining characteristics of Walker’s short fiction are economy, a commitment to examine rather than turn away from the troubling and violent aspects of human experience, and, above all, beautiful language and compelling storytelling.

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In addition to her novels, Walker has published several volumes of poetry. Her first book, Once, published in 1968, contains poems written both in Africa and during her senior year at Sarah Lawrence. Walker’s other poetry collections include: Revolutionary Petunias and Other Poems (1973), Good Night, Willie Lee, I’ll See You in the Morning (1979), Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful (1984), Her Blue Body Everything We Know (1991), Absolute Trust in the Goodness of the Earth (2003), and A Poem Traveled Down My Arm (2003). Walker’s most recent volume of poems is Good Times Require Furious Dancing (2010). As a poet, Walker treats a range of themes—freedom and individual expression, suicide, spirituality, love, the power of activism, ecology, civil rights—in free verse that recalls, for its spareness and lyricism, such poets as Langston Hughes, Theodore Roethke, Gwendolyn Brooks, Okot p’Bitek, and Zen Buddhist poetry.

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In the novel by Alice Walker, “The Color Purple”, Celie finds out that beauty is not real unless it is first found within, so that that beauty felt can reflect for others to see.

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In her essay, Beauty: When the Other Dance is the Self, Alice Walker narrates her experience being blinded in one eye as a child; subsequently contemplating how the injury has shaped her identity as a women writer through the techniques and style Walker uses within the essay.

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Alice Walker's "Everyday Use" explores how, in her eagerness to claim an ancient heritage, a woman may deny herself the substantive personal experience of familial traditions.