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The attraction of Russellian monism is that it has the potential toavoid both the deep problems facing dualism and thedeep problems facing physicalism. The problem with dualism is itsdifficulty reconciling the causal efficacy of human consciousness with(what many philosophers take to be) the empirical fact that thephysical world is causally closed, in the sense that everyevent has a sufficient physical cause. The causal closure of thephysical seems to leave no room for fundamental non-physical mentalcauses to do any work. If my behaviour is entirely caused by physicalevents in my brain, then my immaterial soul is left with no role toplay in the production of behaviour. The physicalist avoids thisproblem as on her view consciousness states are physicalstates, and hence they are themselves parts of the causally closedphysical system. Or rather physicalists can avoid this problem if theycan give an adequate account of the grounding of consciousness. Theproblem for physicalists, as we will discuss in the next section, isthat there are strong philosophical grounds for thinking that they areunable to do this.[]

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It is common for modern Aristotelians, who otherwise have a high viewof Aristotle's relevance to modern philosophy, to treat this argumentas being of purely historical interest, and not essential toAristotle's system as a whole. They emphasize that he was not a‘Cartesian’ dualist, because the intellect is an aspect ofthe soul and the soul is the form of the body, not a separatesubstance. Kenny (1989) argues that Aristotle's theory of mind as formgives him an account similar to Ryle (1949), for it makes the soulequivalent to the dispositions possessed by a living body. This‘anti-Cartesian’ approach to Aristotle arguably ignoresthe fact that, for Aristotle, the form is the substance.

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I defend the view that the Tractatus points away from monism towards dualism and that Wittgenstein’s concepts of thought, sense, and understanding are an essential part of its structure....

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