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The businesses selling our t-shirts, chocolate and cell phones rarely know where these raw materials are coming from, or who is assembling the products before their final stages. Numerous brokers and middlemen complicate attempts to link a finished product to the individual who produced a fraction of its parts. This lack of transparency allows for unregulated production and many times unsafe or illegal practices in the workplace, including modern day slavery. We need to talk to our friends and family to make more people aware of what is going on.

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The inclusion of the New World in the international economy, among the most important events in modern history, was based on slavery. Europeans brought at least eight million black men, women and children out of Africa to the Western Hemisphere between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, and slavery transformed the Atlantic into a complex trading area. This trade united North and South America, Europe, and Africa through the movement of peoples, goods and services, credit and capital. The essays in this book place slavery in the mainstream of modern history. They describe the transfer of slavery from the Old World, its role in forging the interdependence of the economies bordering the Atlantic, its effect on the empires of Portugal, the Netherlands, France, and Great Britain, and its impact on Africa.

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Modern scholarship on the relationship between British capitalism and Caribbean slavery has been profoundly influenced by Eric Williams's 1944 classic, . The present volume represents the proceedings of a conference on Caribbean Slavery and British Capitalism convened in his honour in 1984, and includes essays on Dr Williams's scholarly work and influence. These essays, by thirteen scholars from the United States, England, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean, explore the relationship between Great Britain and her plantation slave colonies in the Caribbean.

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Brings together the most recent and essential writings on slavery. Spanning almost five centuries – the late fifteenth until the mid-nineteenth – the articles trace the range and impact of slavery on the modern western world.

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Despite the vast literature on the transatlantic slave trade, the role of sailors aboard slave ships has remained unexplored. This book fills that gap by examining every aspect of their working lives, from their reasons for signing on a slaving vessel, to their experiences in the Caribbean and the American South after their human cargoes had been sold. It explores how they interacted with men and women of African origin at their ports of call, from the Africans they traded with, to the free black seamen who were their crewmates, to the slaves and ex-slaves they mingled with in the port cities of the Americas. Most importantly, it questions their interactions with the captive Africans they were transporting during the dread middle passage, arguing that their work encompassed the commoditisation of these people ready for sale.

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Office of Trafficking in Persons Tier-ratings? Analysis: Which broad geographic areas in the world rate poorly re: GDP Analysis: Is it possible to draw a correlation between GDP and HT?Why or Why not? Entrapment How do people become entrapped? How can one recognize and avoid situations that may lead to entrapment? What can you do to save yourself when you first suspect that you are being delivered to a buyer? Why do people take chances and put themselves or others at risk? How are victims kept in slave-like situations and prevented from escaping? Escape What can you do to escape after you have been enslaved? Resources that might be accessible to people who are currently enslaved Support for Rescued Victims of Trafficking Assistance with repatriation -- Rehabilitation -- Temporary accommodations and job-training programs T-visas – Why are they not being claimed? Combating Human Trafficking Reactive Tracing slavery in the supply chain – how can consumers avoid products that were produced with slave labor? Legislation to punish traffickers Access To And Conversion Of Victims To Potential Witnesses Education for law enforcement officials Proactive A worldwide volunteer network of local job-verification offices staffed by NGOs where targeted victims can inquire regarding the legitimacy of enticing opportunities that are offered to them. Innovative public school programs to raise awareness in children so that they will be less likely to trust seemingly friendly acquaintances and make bad decisions that can have terrible consequences. A long-term educational strategy to eliminate HT & Modern-day Slavery National help lines Plans of Action to combat HT Relevant International Law Relevant Domestic Law Contesting the TIP report Street Children -- A component of the street child population is made up of former victims of HT who have escaped to the street and work at begging, selling, prostitution, etc to survive. The life of a street child – Repatriation – How are victims treated when they return to their homes and families?