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It is a value that is inevitably subjective, due largely to its varying importance among cultures.1 Nonetheless, there does exist three, more or less universal, aspects of privacy: freedom from intrusion, control of information about oneself, and freedom from surveillance,2 which have been pushed to the vanguard by the Internet.

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Should online intermediaries like access providers, hosting providers, search engines and social networks do more to “police” their networks, increase transparency, or operate “neutrally?” What future is there for privacy online?

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There are of course ways we can make sure our personal information is not compromised. One of the most secure ways to maintain is to never add personal information to the Internet in the first place. There are other ways too, and we can learn how to keep ourselves out of harm’s way by just looking at how popular sites collect their data. Often their users are unaware of these processes, and that in a way might make some people worry about their Internet privacy.

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