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Research shows that children who possess a disposition to stressin early infancy are prone to develop insecure attachment later (Seifer et al., 1996;Vaugh et al., 1992). One could argue that attachment development is not determined by the nature andquality of the infant-caregiver relationship but instead by the infant's temperament.

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According to attachmenttheorists, sensitive caregiving implies that regardless of the innate temperament ofthe infant, whether introverted or extraverted, whether shy or irritable, whetheroutgoing or confident, the care is adjusted to fit precisely the need of thatparticular infant.

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But when a mother's capacity to do so is limited by her ownpersonality or stressful conditions then infants with difficult temperament or problembehaviors are at risk for developing attachment insecurity.

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In addition, there is substantial empiricalevidence that supports the existence of the core elements of attachment theory(Grossmann, 1985). One particularly interesting study assesses the workings of adults' internal workingmodels through the use of the Adult Attachment Interview, an interviewdesigned to measure parents' state of mind with respect to attachment (George, Kaplan, &Main, 1985).

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Q-set assessments by expert informants correspond well with the Strange Situation attachment classification; those by mothers do not (Van Dam & Van Ijzenhoorn,1988; Vaughn & Waters, 1990). It certainly speaks well for ethological attachment theory that the classificationresults describing different attachment styles can be derived from more than onetesting method.

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Four specific and distinct patterns emerge that show that theassessment of mothers' attachment security consistently corresponds to the attachmentclassification of their children.

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By observing the responses of infants to these episodes, researchers have identified asecure attachment pattern and two patterns of insecure attachment (Ainsworth et al.,1978). Before the infants' behavior was assessed in the Strange Situation, researchersclosely observed mothers and children in their homes, paying careful attention to eachmother's style of responding to her infant in a number of fundamental areas: feeding,crying, cuddling, eye contact, and smiling.

Attachment theory is a theory (or group of theories) about the psychological tendency to seek closeness to another person, to feel secure when that pe

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A major reasonthat temperament and other child characteristics do not show strong relationships withattachment security may be that their influence depends on goodness-of-fit.