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In Anne Bradstreet's poems, what does she believe a woman's role ought to be?

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With the rise of the feminist movement in the middle of the twentieth century, there was a surge of interest in the study of Bradstreet s work. Her formal poetry, while drawing the least comment, sparks the most disagreement. Many critics consider it forgettable; others praise it for technical, if not imaginative, skill. More attention has been paid the later lyric poems and with far more critical agreement; though differing in degree, admiration is the common response to Bradstreet’s later work. Yet, much of the critical study exhibits a greater interest in Bradstreet herself, her feelings and personal growth, than in her writing. Seeing in her a figure of inspiration, many feminist critics have focused on her womanhood and her place in the history of female authors, looking upon her production of poetry under conditions of illness, pioneering, and mothering as a Herculean effort.

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Bradstreet’s later work is quite different. It has been suggested that The Tenth Muse would be of only superficial historical significance if not for the lasting quality of Bradstreet’s later poetry. Here, Bradstreet turned to a more personal style of expression. Thoughts on her ill nesses, the death of loved ones, the raising of her children, and anxiety for her husband away on business are expressed in poems written over a period of thirty years. While she had begun poetizing her reflections on personal subjects before the publication of The Tenth Muse, it was not until its publication that this type of expression came to dominate her work. Bradstreet also began to write prose works in this later period: autobiographical reminiscences intended for the benefit of her children, and her ”Meditations Divine and Morall,” often considered among the finest aphorisms on the human condition predating those of Benjamin Franklin.

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Death is something that all men and women must confront, but during the colonial era, when Anne Bradstreet wrote her poems, it was much more frequent, abrupt, and common. Diseases, Indian attacks, harsh weather, failed crops, and rough sea voyages made colonial life very difficult, and death stalked life closely. Bradstreet confronts the very real possibility of death in some of her works. Two of her poems feature her ruminations on death while being ill ("For Deliverance from a Fever" and "Upon a Fit of Sickness"), and in "Before the Birth of One of Her Children," she realizes that she could die in childbirth, as many women did. In the Quaternions, she also writes about a variety of things that might afflict the body or cause death (natural disasters, war). Bradstreet acknowledges the reality of death, but not its finality. As a Puritan, death is not entirely frightening or unwelcome because of what comes after it. Bradstreet believes in the eternal life, where she might be reunited with her family and friends, and meet her maker. In this way, having faith in the afterlife softened the looming reality of death that existed in colonial times.

Anne Bradstreet is the author who wrote this, suggesting that the most important thing in her entire life is her kid’s success in life....

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Bradstreet’s first poems were published in London under the title The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America and created great curiosity as the first significant literature to emerge from New England. Of even greater interest to Bradstreet’s contemporaries was the fact that The Tenth Muse was the work of a woman, authorship being a most disreputable occupation for women of the time. Yet, Bradstreet apparently was not subjected to personal disparagement because of her compositions in The Tenth Muse, which are long, formal pieces deriving from well-worn poetic stock of the Renaissance. Admired as a successful example of standard poetic fare, the poetry of The Tenth Muse was probably composed by the time Brad-street was thirty years old. Her later poems, however, departed from convention, displaying a sensitivity and love of beauty not usually associated with New England Puritans.

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The  section for Anne Bradstreet: Poems is a greatresource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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In the volume, Woodbridge included two of Bradstreet's elegies to public figures as well as "Dialogue Between and New," which addresses contemporary problems in England, where Bradstreet was born (she immigrated to in 1633). In poems such as "In Honor of that High and Mighty Princess of Happy Memory" (1643), Bradstreet lauded the Queen's accomplishments and used her as an example of a woman's capability to achieve success.