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Is this your first time to write a reflection paper? You may have little or no idea how a reflection paper should be like. A reflection essay is normally about a personal experience and a lesson or realization from it. It is a personal account of what you think and feel during and after that…

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It may be hard to write a type of essay for the first time. If this is your first time to write a personal reflective essay, you can refer to the reflection essay example below. I Survived a Writing Class Writing is one of the things I used to hate the most. I hate it…

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Shortly after I retired from teaching I picked up Conant's 1959 book-length essay, , and was more than a little intrigued to see him mention in passing that the modern schools we attend were the result of a "revolution" engineered between 1905 and 1930.

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Read this reflective essay rubric to know how your essay will be scored by your teacher.

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A focus on embodied self-experience inevitably leads to a decisivewidening of the discussion. The externality of embodiment puts me, andmy actions, in the public sphere. Self-consciousness involves not onlyan ability to make reflective judgments about our own beliefs anddesires but also includes a sense of embodied agency. I am, as PaulRicoeur (1950, 56–57) points out, conscious of being the author ofmy actions, and this kind of awareness often comes about as my actionsare reflected in the presence of others. I can become aware of myselfthrough the eyes of other people, and this can happen in a number ofdifferent ways. Thus, embodiment brings intersubjectivity andsociality into the picture, and draws attention to the question of howcertain forms of self-consciousness are intersubjectively mediated,and may depend on one's social relations to others. My awareness ofmyself as one person among others, an awareness that I may frame fromthe perspective of others, attempting to see myself as they see me,involves a change in the attitude of self-consciousness. Within thisattitude, judgments that I make about myself are constrained by socialexpectations and cultural values. This kind of socialself-consciousness is always contextualized, as I try to understandhow I appear to others, both in the way I look, and in the meaning ofmy actions. I find myself in specific contexts, with specificcapabilities and dispositions, habits and convictions, and I expressmyself in a way that is reflected off of others, in relevant (sociallydefined) roles through my language and my actions.

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Writing this reflective essay about the experience of studying American literature has made me realize that I have a lot to learn about what America had been in the past. Reading and studying American literature classics would make anyone realize that most of the novels written by the great American writers like Mark Twain, Herman…

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This is a guest article from Writemyessay4Me. These guys provide online essay and dissertation writing help for college students. One of the things that make a reflective essay different from other types of essay is that it is focused on your personal insights or what you think about something. However, it is also similar to…