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When you’re working with a new publication, or you’re just starting your freelance photography career, it helps to have some inside information. If you know what they’re paying other photographers, you can get a better sense of how much you should charge.

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He divides his work into photographic series, each representing a certain theme.

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is one of the most prestigious publications in the world, having won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other news organization. Photography jobs with NYT can be challenging, but your work can play an integral part to their award-winning storytelling.

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is a stock photo agency for the digital age and the first company to license imagery online. With an archive of over 80 million still images, illustrations and more than 50,000 hours of film footage, they supply stock photography for businesses and consumers. Since they target corporate clients (for internal communications documents), the media (for print and online publishing), and the creative professionals (advertising and graphic design), there are markets for many different types of work.

Often the work of photographers fades in time because there is little or no postmortem advocacy.

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Dean Conger, a prolific producer of photo essays for National Geographic, told me that there are few photographic situations that have not been documented. So, with that in mind he said, “The task is to take what you see and try to find a unique angle, perspective or technique.”

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Stephen, One of my mentors, Russel Lee, had much the same impact on me and, I hope, my work. This quote, from your piece, speaks volumes: “the less the photographer imposes his ego on the moment, the more powerful the result is likely to be”. Amen, JVB

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Grey Villet has been my favorite photographer ever since I first encountered his work in the late 1970s, and “The Lash of Success” has the same place of honor in my memory as many great films. Thanks for recognizing his work so generously and so intelligently. I think he deserves a big huge MOMA exhibit. His pictures tell such compelling stories.

However, not all collections of photographs can be given the title of a “true” photographic essay.

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Photos from the of Sénégal, West Africa: photographs taken by J. David Sapirduring anthropological and linguistic fieldwork in the 1960's. I amcurrently featuring photographs taken during the public festivities atboys' initiations.

He was a photographer who was working through the 1840s to improve the quality of the calotype process....

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His argument is based upon the proposition that photographs can only represent in a causal fashion, whereas painters create representational artwork via intentional relations....

Yet, while all of her photographs are taken of Cindy Sherman, it is impossible to class call her works self-portraits.

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I first saw Mr Villet’s work in the book “Great Photographic Essays from Life” (1978). This book is one of best I’ve read or viewed on the subject of the photoessay and how Life created them. For some reason the book had a short life (pun intended) and is very hard to find today. I’ve read through this book so many times that the binding is getting old. For this reason only one person is allowed to look at it, me.