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One major problem with making a positive impact on a global level, ultra-elite machinations aside, is that almost nobody focuses on what is important, which I hope to help remedy with this essay. Almost everybody hacks at branches if they hack at all. Conspiracists tend to obsess on elite machinations, which is an exercise of dubious benefit to begin with, but they often become paranoid and also confuse retail elites or other interests with the GCs. Bill Gates and David Rockefeller are probably not members of the GCs’ organization. Also, I learned that ultra-elites can only play their games with the responsibility that almost all people have abdicated as they play the victim. The GCs are only a symptom of our malaise, not a cause. They cannot be beaten at their game, and it is counterproductive and can even be suicidal to try. Making them obsolete is probably the best that we can do. While conspiracists often fixate on ultra-elite machinations, intellectuals, academics, and scientists tend to deny that such activities even exist or are meaningful. It took me many years to understand their resistance to even acknowledging ultra-elite existence, and I think it partly relates to the mainstream scientific worldview that . They have an ideological aversion to the notion that anybody manipulates events on a global scale, and believe that what seems conspiratorial is only anarchic elites competing with each other, which is like Darwin’s view of evolution. They believe that conspiracists see a pattern where none exists, or that the situation can be explained without invoking conscious intent, like materialistic hypotheses of how the universe operates. Radical leftists have to the of such elites; such an idea scares them. Neither obsession nor denial helps people attain productive understandings of the issue. Conspiracists and structuralists are united in thinking like victims, and that, as I see it, . Until they relinquish thinking like a victim, they will not constructively engage the critical issues that humanity faces, and energy ranks above all else. Victims are reactive instead of proactive, and only and resulting action has a prayer of working, in my opinion.

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When I arrived at my office, I turned on my lights and computer. When I was eating, I put the food that I brought to work in a refrigerator under my desk. During my work day, I interacted with many people in my air-conditioned, high-technology office environment. My cellular telephone was never far away. The view from my office window of the was pleasant. My computer interfaced with our distant data centers and the world at large via the Internet. When my workday was finished, I rode the bus home. In the winter, the furnace is programmed to stop functioning when my wife and I leave for work, and comes on soon before we arrive home, so we never experienced a cold house. In the evening, we might watch a movie on a DVD on our wide-screen plasma TV. When I am not fasting, I usually eat dinner, with the food in my refrigerator usually purchased at a that has an enormous produce section, with food grown locally and imported from as far away as New Zealand, China, and Israel. We have a high-tech kitchen, with a “smart” stove, refrigerator, and other appliances.

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Outstanding article Bruce!; if only to try and get people to think more realistically about the Internet of Corruptible Things.
Much of what you say doesn't just apply to the Internet, but in many respects wider security in the real world.
The commonly held belief that all technology, and particularly 'state of the art' technology, is through evolution in some way more able to provide enhanced levels of security and safety, unfortunately overlooks many basic security principles which have been known and understood for so many decades ( if not centuries!).
An interesting discussional point relates to the issue of governance versus self regulation. On this side of the pond, "soft touch" regulation is very much de rigeur, but unfortunately it just doesn't really work.
Where technical and operational improvements need to be made, something that could have been achieved in a reasonable time frame, ends up taking an eternity ( if ever) by which time the original problem has morphed into an absolute monster, with little if any chance of bringing it back in to check.
If major industry players were mindful to pool resources and create a security alliance, I would imagine tangible progress could be made quite quickly, but historically that's not even been on the table.
No doubt the obvious difficulty in terms of reliance on a government agency taking a lead role, is the real world is full of governments, and few if any are in any fit shape to take on internet based criminality within the scale and sophistication that has recently been demonstrated. That said, it's perhaps not unreasonable to assume that as bad as some recent incidents have been, they may well pale into insignificance if more concerted, destructive and debilitating attacks are unleashed by those with the most motivation and resources.
Doing nothing is not an option worthy of consideration, but quite how "deeply concerned" politicians and civil servants can be persuaded to wake up and see where we're at, and how we managed to get here, is going to be somewhat challenging ... to put it mildly.
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Dec 08, 2010 · In today's world it is almost impossible to imagine our life without such electronic devices like mobile phone, television and computer with internet.
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