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Wicca is trying to keep up with Satanism by sprinkling in Valkyries, the Dark Goddess, and other more menacing images of the Mother Goddess. But it still remains lackluster and uninspiring because it's isolated - dependent on internal references and icons. It becomes shallow, stilted and flaccid. By trying to ignore or deny the authority or existence of great men, they're disconnecting their religion from ennobling music, poetry, literature, art, architecture, science and philosophy. Satanists recognize that the force of Western civilization has always been a masculine, heroic, Promethean drive toward adventure and exploration. Feminist/ Wiccan cant is ultimately "soul candy," like the term that's evolved for pop-science and psychology - this is the equivalent. You may seek it out when you need bolstering up, thinking that you'll be inspired and spurred to greater achievements, lured by promises of unique feminine perspective and strengthening. But ultimately it's not satisfying. The illusion of strength is superficial; the nagging victimization becomes insulting. Not like reading Dostoevsky or Will Durant, Wuthering Heights, or Jane Austen, or Plato's Dialogues or Erasmus "The Praise of Folly", or, obviously, . I refuse to limit my role models only to other women just because I happen to be one. I gain power from the metaphors and heroes I choose, regardless of their gender.

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After connecting with soulmate Stephanie McKay, he started writing the songs with lyrics that would come together on Rise Above: "Adding her vocal presence completed the concept, allowing me to embrace a wide range of emotions, and find an artistic balance between simplicity and abstraction," says Jacques.

The sound of reflects Schwarz-Bart's impressive resume which includes work with such popular music luminaries as Erykah Badu, Meshell Ndegeocello, Eric Benet, and Soulive, as well as jazz barrier breakers James Hurt, Danilo Perez and David Gilmore, but it's concept is distinctively the leader's own, reflect his unique background and heritage.

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Two days later Hawthorne wrote to a friend "Iliked Melville so much that I have asked him to spend a few dayswith me." This would be the first of a series of visits,supplemented by written correspondence, that would continue untilthe gradual cooling off of the friendship late in 1852.In the beginning the relationship was a great source of comfortand intellectual stimulation to Melville, who believed he hadfinally found the soul mate for whom he had been yearning.

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