Why is reading comprehension is important to English learning?

You will find it is still valuable for thinking about how to improve yourself as a careful and close reader of texts and for obtaining the best education possible from your assigned readings in any class. . Note: The terminology used for the fourth stage varies in Adler's sources.

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There are also some websites with reading comprehension practice opportunities.

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Engaging in a discussion as a post-reading strategy improves the imaginative capability of learners as they think out a concept learnt during the lesson together.

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He or she must be prepared to preread the essay, then read it closely for content, and reread it if it isn't clear how the author reached the conclusion to the argument.

It found the reading speed and comprehension is the same for the computer screen and paper.

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On the other hand, if students read critically, the most effective technique may be to break the essay up into logical subdivisions and analyze each section's argument, to restate the argument in other words, and then to expand upon or question the findings.

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The reader must be open-minded and skeptical all at once, constantly adjusting the degree of personal belief in relation to the quality of the essay's arguments.

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If they had taken five minutes of time for Pre-Reading (Stage One), and systematically looked for the overall structure of the essay with Interpretive Reading (Stage Two), they might be able to puzzle out that tricky paragraph the first time rather than the fifth.

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Critical reading involves exercising your judgement about what you are reading. It involves you evaluating the arguments or positions presented by the writer. You ask questions of the claims or statements made by the author, and then seek to provide answers for those questions.

Pre/during and post reading strategies support the students in developing thinking skills.

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In short, critical readings means actually thinking about the subject, moving beyond what the original essay concluded to the point of how the author reached that conclusion and the degree to which that conclusion is accurate.

For instance, after reading the opening and closing of an essay about poverty, you might think.


Create a brief but exact definition of the subject matter, such as "politics--ancient Greece" or "environmental issues--American." As you read the essay, double-check to make sure it is still talking about that subject-matter.

The only item remaining is wrapping up the process with post-reading.

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It will give you some context for the argument, which will help you understand difficult passages and get a general sense of where the essay ends up before you dig into a reading of the whole work.