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Curtis, E., and Nicholl, H. (2004). “Delegation: A key function of nursing.” Nursing Management 11(4): 26–31.

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The learning scenarios on p. 7 provide exercises to use with new nurses to examine how to delegate.

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2. Communication. First, the nurse gives a clear, concise, detailed description of the request. Next, the nurse describes the objective, limits, and expectations (Currie 2008). Although the nurse retains the accountability for the patient’s care, he or she may delegate some of the work to other members of the team. The person who accepts the work must be clear on the level of autonomy he or she has to carry out the request. The next step is to establish the appropriate level of authority for the task (Huber 2006).

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Next, the nurse should ask the delegate whether he or she has time to complete the assignment. Most assistive personnel work with more than one nurse at a time. You need to ensure that the request is reasonable, given the unit climate. If the person has time, ask whether there are any questions, concerns, or feedback.

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When delegating, the registered nurse (RN) assigns nursing tasks to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) while still remaining accountable for the patient and the task that was assigned.

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4. Evaluation. The nurse should evaluate the delegation process after the task has been completed to ensure that the patient received the care needed and the team worked together effectively. Learning to delegate effectively takes time and practice. Reflecting on the process and identifying areas for improvement will help you develop this important skill.

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The two patients that the nursing assistant would work the closest with are Ms. Swanson and Mr. Black. They are the two most stable patients. Tasks for delegation: obtain vital signs, assist Mr. Black with elimination (offer urinal), and ambulate Ms. Swanson.

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Delegation is critical to time management and productivity. Each member of the team has a valuable contribution to make. Skilled nurses know how to delegate in a way that saves them time, values members of the team, and meets patients’ needs.

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Delegation is a five-step process, as outlined below. First, as the nurse, determine how, where, and when assistance can be provided. Next, select an appropriate person. A discussion occurs wherein authority to complete the task is given from one person to another. The task is carried out under supervision. Finally, the delegation process is evaluated and feedback is given.

NCSBN's position papers on delegation and working with others: National Guidelines for Nursing Delegation.

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You have a four-patient assignment. It is 0900, and you have completed your initial assessments. You are working with a nursing assistant. The nursing assistant has 10 patients and is working with three nurses. You want to delegate some tasks to the nursing assistant. Select tasks that you might delegate. Explain your rationale.