It also allows Mr Birling’s predictions to fail.

Mrs Birling's character is very pretentious one, she believes
she is always right and always justified, for example when the
Inspector believed that Mrs Birling turning down Eva's call for help
was wrong, she replied with things like, "You're quite wrong to
suppose that I shall regret what I did." and "I was perfectly
justified in advising my committee not to allow her claim for

Upper class parents in 1912 really did treat their children like
children, for instance when Mrs Birling talks with the Inspector about
Eric going out and drinking, the Inspector says, "Isn't he used to

"No, of course not he's only a boy."

"No, he's a young man.

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However Sheila, Mr & Mrs Birling's daughter, and Gerald are honest, and can face their mistakes....

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Their parents are very strict when it come to letting their
children socialise, this is because of Mr and Mrs Birling being
prejudice towards the lower classes, for example, "You admit being
prejudiced towards her case?" asks the Inspector to Mrs Birling when
he questioned her about when she refused to let Eva have any help, Mr
and Mrs Birling do not like to be associated with the working class
and so they try and ignore the fact that their children like to go out
even if they come across people from the working class, which they
obviously would've done.

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Eric and Sheila Birling, and possibly Gerald Croft, represent the
younger generation of 1912 as the son and daughter of Mr and Mrs

Mr Birling won't allow these sentiments, however, and sees them as a bad attitude....

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A girl who the Inspector claims worked for Birling and was fired, before working for Milwards and then being dismissed. She subsequently had relationships with Gerald Croft and then Eric Birling (by whom she became pregnant). Finally she turned to Mrs. Birling's charitable committeee for help, but she committed suicide two hours before the time of the beginning of the play; she drank strong disinfectant. It is possible, though, that the story is not quite true and that she never really existed as one person. Gerald Croft's suggestion that there was more than one girl involved in the Inspector's narrative could be more accurate.

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Gerald was the son-in-law Mr Birling always wanted, just like most
fathers in 1912 would want, Gerald had rich parents who owned a
well-known company.

Pupils need to provide quotations from the play to support the ideas suggested about Mr Birling.

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In 'An Inspector Calls' Eva goes on strike with some
of the other women from Mr Birling's factory to try and raise their
wages to twenty-five shillings, which was very common for women to ask
at the time, but because of Mr Birling's attitude towards the working
class, their request was overruled and because of Eva's determination
she was sacked from the factory.

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All through the play, Sheila shows that she
really sympathises for Eva, by saying things like, "Oh- how horrible!"
and, "But these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people." Mr and Mrs
Birling are quite shocked from what the Inspector had informed them
with but even after the Inspector had left they still thought that it
was outrageous the Inspector coming in and placing the blame on them,
Mr and Mrs Birling learnt nothing except that a suicide had been
committed at the infirmary.

Act one begins in the family home of the Birling's, at the celebration of the engagement of Mr Birling's daughter.

First, listen to this short broadcast about Arthur Birling

Mr Birling
is the person who got the Birlings their high social position, this is
all he cares about for example when he realises that Eric stole money
from his office he says, "I've got to cover this up as soon as I can.